Empowering Homes with Solar Energy: Clean Energy Network Shines as the Premier Solar Installation Network for Homeowners Nationwide

Published on June 23, 2023

More and more, people have started to get fliers in their mailboxes, encouraging them to cancel their traditional power company agreements and switch to solar. While switching to solar might truly be the best move to make in 2023, these small handouts don’t provide homeowners with any valuable information about residential solar solutions, nor do they explain solar energy systems or financing options for those systems. These are effective in getting homeowners thinking, but not many know where to go from there.

Unfortunately, interest with little information has led numerous homeowners to companies that make promises they have no intention of upholding. It is becoming increasingly common to hear about how a solar sales company misled their clients, lying to them about the true cost of their solar panel installation or installing their new systems incorrectly, leaving them with higher costs overall.

The world we live in isn’t the same as it once was, and if you want to work with reputable, respectable companies, you need to first do your research. One of the greatest indicators of a great company is word of mouth, as people use their personal experiences with someone to evaluate their services. When it comes to solar energy services for homeowners, there’s one company people keep talking about—Clean Energy Network.

A Network You Can Trust

Clean Energy Network stands out from the other solar sales companies for a number of reasons, but the major difference lies in their ability to deliver what they promise. They have effectively helped over 2 million homeowners in over 45 states get educational information on government solar incentives since 2017.

They also offer the best deals on solar by state, helping homeowners calculate savings and compare quotes before taking the final leap.  The Network is partnered with over 500 local installation companies in over 45 states so homeowners can make the most educated decision regarding the best method to obtain solar panels for their homes.

Their services are not available to the entirety of the U.S., but for select zip codes, getting affordable home solar is as simple as selecting your zip code and filling out a form to ensure your house is eligible for what they provide. If it is, they connect you with pre-verified installers that are local to you.

This nationwide platform is unique because not many companies have the same reach or the connections across a variety of states, and their verified installers offer homeowners with peace of mind they can’t find in many other places.

“We have an average of 96% customer satisfaction score, and it’s a direct representation of our goal to get homeowners an accurate solar design with maximum savings potential,” they said.

The Benefits of Solar Energy for Houses

There are many reasons why more and more homeowners are choosing to go solar. One of the biggest factors for the switch is how significantly the electric bills have gone up this year alone. Many homeowners, especially those in older or larger houses, are seeing an increase so drastic that some of them have gone without heat or air just to lower their bills back to an affordable price point.

Switching to solar helps reduce the cost of the electric bill and also helps avoid rising energy costs in the future, but these aren’t the only money-saving or energy-saving benefits of making the switch. Installing solar is more sustainable, it helps the energy dependence in the country, increases property value, and you’ll get your return back quickly.

To capitalize on these benefits, it’s imperative that homeowners go through reputable companies to purchase their solar. Clean Energy Network values their customers, which is why they discuss the benefits of adding value to your home and owning your energy costs when clients seek out their services. Those who are eligible for their program are even offered solar installation with zero dollars down, and their local connections are knowledgeable of residential solar financing options for those who aren’t.

Regardless of your solar needs, Clean Energy Network is one of the most trustworthy solar installation companies, and they make switching to solar as easy as possible for homeowners all over the U.S.

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