Chucky TV Show Gets Straight-To-Series Deal

Published on January 12, 2020

Fans of horror will be happy to hear that the upcoming Chucky project has received a straight-to-series order from SyFy. This development shows the faith that the network has in the project and will certainly increase fan excitement.

The beloved horror franchise has had its ups and downs since debuting in 1988. While the films may have gone off the rails at one point, the 2019 remake was a box office success and showed that audiences still love the maniacal killer doll.

Chucky’s move to television looks promising not only due to the deal just struck with SyFy. Don Mancini, writer of all the films and director of three, will serve as the series’ showrunner. In addition to directing the first episode, Mancini is paired with the franchise’s producer David Kirchner. The men who created the iconic character are at the reigns of the series, which is definitely a good sign.

As a TV show, Mancini has a lot more room in the plot to play around with. He plans on exploring several different themes, particularly the background of the murderous doll’s soul. The show will also delve into what bubbles beneath an idyllic town’s facade, a powerful motif in modern America.

A full season of mayhem and wit is sure to be fun, which will be enhanced appearances by many of the franchise’s beloved characters. Keep an eye out for more news from SyFy about the project and for its release date!

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