Christmas Jumping Spiders Have Arrived, And They’re The Cutest Things Ever

Published on December 11, 2019

Jumping spiders, sometimes referred to as “spoods” by enthusiasts, have become a favorite of those who keep spiders as pets. Unlike the tarantula’s large and often fear-inducing frame, these little eight-legged arachnids attract attention for their bold colors and even more colorful personalities. That being said, many Grit Daily readers may not know what Christmas jumping spiders are. There are also arachnophobes out there that most likely are wondering what could possibly be “cute” about a spider at all.

Let’s continue on to find out more about these little creatures and answer those questions, shall we?

Are Jumping Spiders Dangerous?

Interestingly enough, pest extermination company Terminix seems to have a lot of admiration for jumping spiders. Rather than telling people to exterminate them, the Terminix site refers to these arachnids as “adorable.” The company’s website also outlines many positive qualities of this species, including the fact that their venom isn’t dangerous to humans. Also, the jumping power of these spiders is so great that they don’t use webs for hunting prey, either.   

Giving Jumping Spiders as a Christmas Gift

There are several experienced jumping spider breeders that sell these fun little critters. Many people become attracted to the idea of becoming a spider owner after seeing videos of jumping spiders dancing. When you combine their viral internet fame with their relatively small size and other unique features, you get a recipe for success for breeders.

One breeder, HWN Jumpers, maintains a very active presence on social media. The owner, Holly, states that the goals of HWN Jumpers are to “help educate others and to show them that these spiders have a place in this world, and they shouldn’t be feared.”

The popularity of jumping spiders becomes even clearer upon visiting breeder Phantastic Phids online store. Although they typically stock seven breeds to choose from, only one hasn’t sold out yet in advance of the holiday gifting season. In other words, if you’re hoping to get one as a gift, you’d better move quickly!

Spider Jewelry: The Next Big Trend? offers a large and eclectic selection of spider and mantis- related jewelry pieces, along with live versions of these critters. Owner and artist Rebecca Salutric creates earrings inspired by spiders, which are among the company’s most popular offerings.

Some people want much more out of their jewelry than a facsimile, though. That’s where companies like Augury & Alchemy come in. With real-life necklace pendants partially made from deceased spiders and other insects, jumping spider owners can have a memorial piece made after their favorite pets go to the big spiderweb in the sky.

Augury & Alchemy pledges to “never murder for our art,” so those who want a necklace that’s not made with the remains of their own pet can do so with a clear conscious.

Scarlet Plays Holiday Dress Up

Some jumping spiders even tolerate dressing up in costumes, which may make them more appealing to arachnophobes. For example, Scarlet the Spider has a fan page on Facebook with more than 4,500 followers. Per Scarlet’s owner, Carol Hendrix, Scarlet showcases a clear preference for some costumes while flat out refusing to wear others. In fact, Scarlet makes for a perfect Halloween spider when she’s decked out in all her finery as shown below.

More Spiders Dress Up for the Holidays

As previously mentioned, Scarlet the Spider seems to enjoy dressing up for the holidays. And, unlike the video posted above, Scarlet’s holiday photo shoots don’t rely on a lot of editing and trickery. Instead, Hendrix handcrafts little costumes and places them on her spider friend. If Scarlet accepts the costume, a photoshoot ensues for their enjoyment of her thousands of fans.

Spiders willingly wearing costumes may seem like a very odd trait, but those who develop a trusting bond with their owners are typically happy when they’re held, played with, and even dressed up for the holidays. Much like cats and dogs, though, each jumping spider has its own personality, so don’t expect them all to like and accept the same things. Some jumpers may even prefer to dress up in a Halloween costume instead of parading around as a Christmas jumping spider.

Spider Christmas Decorations Are a Thing

Many jumping spider fans will be decorating their boughs and Christmas trees with decorative versions of their favorite arachnids this year if social media is any indication. As a result, there are those who have tapped into that niche to fill the void.

Take Sue Ellen Hughes, for example. Hughes is a small business entrepreneur who owns Bugs and Hisses, a company that caters to clientele who enjoy having reptiles, insects and other exotics as house pets. She’s also a jumping spider enthusiast that’s busy working this season to put people in the Christmas spirit. She’s accomplishing this by offering her special brand of spider and other insect-themed ornaments.

Spider Webs Trump Tinsel

Grit Daily readers can look at a couple of pictures of her hand-made inventions below. What’s more, you might even be surprised after looking at the whimsical images to find that a spider can make you feel a little holiday cheer.

Jumping Spider Fast FAQs


Jumping spiders live an average of six months to three years in captivity. However, if you’re looking for longevity in an eight-legged pet, it’s best to adopt a female. Jumping spiders don’t get lonely for their own kind, so you’re better off not introducing multiple jumping spiders to each other unless you’re an experienced breeder or researcher. In all honesty, those who choose to ignore this advice can expect adult jumping spiders to kill and eat each other.

Final Thoughts

Considering all this, anyone who wants to keep a jumping spider as a pet would be well-served by learning as much as possible about various breeders. In fact, research shows that each jumping spider’s personality is largely formed by their early environment. In other words, if they’re treated right and given the proper attention from humans, they’re much more likely to respond in a positive way to having a human owner during adulthood. More importantly, and with the right conditions, they might even let you dress them up for special occasions.   

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