Chloé Cohen Has a Few Words to Share on Real Estate

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 19, 2020

With 2020 underway, technology continues to inject itself in every area of the corporate sector, including the real estate industry.

Perhaps the most beneficial ROI on bringing tech into your real estate business is the advantage of real-time data that allows a realtor, client, or marketing firm to track and manage both buyer profiles and property landscapes, which only helps minimize the enormous stack of paperwork that the industry currently is flooded with.

To get a better understanding of how real estate is situating itself on the digital landscape, Grit Daily spoke with Chloé Cohen, the Managing Director for BRIQ, a real estate digital marketing agency servicing New York City, San Francisco, and Miami.

Chloé Cohen, founder at BRIQ, has a few words to share about real estate.

Grit Daily: The notion of a “real estate digital marketing agency” seems somewhat novel. For the uninitiated, can you introduce us to BRIQ?

Chloé Cohen: BRIQ provides cutting-edge marketing tactics utilizing future tech software, techniques, and tools.

Unlike other marketing firms in the space, we do not rely on hindsight analysis and market data to spur our campaigns. Instead, we use real-time, live data and create buyer profiles so when we market we are highly efficient targeting the clients’ exact audience, increasing ROI and to their heights, saving them money on digital marketing.

Recently, we started creating video and audio content for clients that want to launch their own TechTalk style YouTube channels or audio for podcasts. 

GD: It seems today that live-streaming and engaging with audiences on platforms such as YouTube or even launching podcast segments is the way to go. Doesn’t this seem a bit of a crowded market already?

CC: Well, being fully transparent, the space is not that crowded. 

Post our podcast launch, I did have someone in the space launch right after me, but I don’t see this as competition. For me, other people popping up in the space, gives real estate professionals more voices to choose from, which is good because everyone will resonate with a different voice and a different perspective.

We can all learn from each other and create oneness together – that is my mission at BRIQ, for Real Deal by Chloe Podcast, and as a homo sapien.

GD: If we can attempt to debunk one myth or rather, conventional wisdom about real estate that is just plain wrong, what notion would you like to debunk here?

CC: There is a general dystopian view regarding how technology will overrun real estate. From realtors fearing for their jobs, sharing their data, or having privacy hacked…to not seeing the direct ROI utilizing tech tools for marketing, showrooms and so much more.

The truth is that technology has enabled us to develop a deeper more caring relationship between occupants and buildings. Hardware sensors have given buildings a voice, and software is providing occupants a platform to respond. That is just one example.

Together we can build a beautiful symbiotic world between the two, going faster and further – together. 

GD: Podcasts are all the rage these days and there’s so many to choose from. How do you separate and market yourself out differently than others who are attempting to do the same?

CC: Podcasts are all the rage because it’s a different format/medium of learning. What’s great about that is that people learn differently, every voice is storytelling in a style that resonates differently from individual to individual. 

What makes Real Deals by Chloe Podcast different from the other “prop-tech” and real-estate tech podcasts out there, is that whilst the information provided is incredible- it’s very dry and hard to listen to with our decreased attention span. 

With my podcast, the overarching theme is how technology enables us to build and develop deeper more caring relationships with the real estate around us, which is the space that holds our lifestyle- from our smart homes, our commute, our offices, the way we shop and more. 

We keep the conversation light, allowing cussing and personal stories and in general I try to minimize the business jargon and aim to keep the lingo fun and fluid.

Our listeners are mainly investors, owners, developers, landlords and industry professionals-but anyone interested from employee to tenants are welcome to learn what’s happening around  them.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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