Chicago Realtor Rose Dante Reveals 3 Big Influences on Her Career

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 1, 2024

Real estate agents tell the same old story all too often. They want to sell the biggest houses in the most glamorous neighborhoods, motivated solely by the money in their pocket. But one Chicago area realtor is inspired by more than big-name clients and hefty commissions.

Buying or selling property in the Windy City and its surrounding suburbs can be daunting for anyone. But Rose Dante, a Broker at Baird & Warner in Illinois, has made a niche of providing market access to communities that face barriers to their aspirations.

In 2023, Chicago Agent Magazine nominated Rose for their Who’s Who issue. Her success isn’t solely down to closing deals, though. It’s attributable to three powerful influences shaping her career: a commitment to charity, her bilingual prowess, and her rich background in financing and construction.

The three forces combined to shape the career of a community-oriented Chicago realtor. Each has its value in the real estate world, benefitting buyers and sellers while progressing wider society. The Baird & Warner Broker explains why three formative factors continue to define her approach to real estate:


Championing charity

Rose Dante stands for more than just real estate success. She represents the chance to build something more significant—a legacy.

As a first-generation Mexican-American, she understands the difference homeownership can make in people’s lives. But the Hispanic community isn’t the only demographic she goes out of her way to serve.

The Baird & Warner Broker is certified by ‘Military on the Move,’ a program that donates a portion of commissions to military families, as well as a local iteration in Illinois for first responders. She supports the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, which provides mortgage-free homes to gold star and fallen first-responder families and constructs specially adapted smart homes for injured veterans and first responders.

Rose’s charity work isn’t just a reflection of her values; it’s also an insight into her real estate philosophy. Under her holistic approach, every transaction is an opportunity to build a brighter future for clients and the community.


Breaking language barriers

Language can be a make-or-break attribute for Chicago area realtors and their clients in a culturally diverse landscape. Transactions can be demanding, and language misunderstanding can add unnecessary complications. The Baird & Warner Broker’s bilingual abilities enable her to demystify the intricate process of buying a home for her community, ensuring that the complexities of real estate don’t limit their dreams.

“I take pride in helping my community understand the process of owning a home and create generational wealth through real estate,” she says.

Her fluency in English and Spanish overcomes boundaries, putting her clients at ease in what can otherwise be a hectic process. It’s more than just language; it’s about connecting cultures and ensuring everyone involved understands a transaction’s nuances.

Bilingual proficiency is a source of empowerment, too. Rose’s position allows her to educate and enlighten Hispanic community members, helping them make informed decisions toward their ambitions. This inclusive approach gives her a distinct appeal in a crowded market.


Constructing credentials

Financing and construction might seem like a jump from speaking Spanish, but both are equally effective in unlocking opportunities. As a former Chief Financing Officer with a significant Chicago-based construction company, Rose distributes what she learned to buyers and sellers in the area.

“I acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge that I now use to benefit my real estate clients,” she states. “I can provide a unique insight into that critical aspect of their real estate transaction.”

Having also served in upper management, Rose honed her organizational skills, a vital tool to excel in the real estate industry. Her 14 years of experience means transactions stay on track, resulting in a smooth and efficient process from start to finish.

All three of the Baird & Warner Broker’s distinct qualities are highly sought-after in a Chicago area realtor. Linguistic versatility is vital in America’s increasingly diverse cities, while up-and-coming communities rely on charity and the generosity of individuals to thrive.

But that only works if a realtor has a sound financial foundation. For those who feel their real estate goals are unachievable, the impact of a professional who understands their needs and can secure their future is immeasurable. As Rose Dante knows, that combination of skill and knowledge can transform lives.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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