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‘Chance Has No Empathy’ Film Is Perfect Balance Between Sociopath and Psychopath

Chance has hit a dead end. When he’s not staring at a blank canvas, he searches desperately for inspiration for his art. He finds the perfect muse in Charlie, a beautiful college senior finishing her thesis on sociopaths who is happy to model for him until she graduates, which is very soon. Chance can’t lose her now, so he twists his way into her life. Soon the lines between inspiration and obsession are blurred and Chance crosses all boundaries to get closer. When he discovers Charlie has a boyfriend, he knows sacrifices must be made. And as Charlie prepares her thesis on sociopaths, she moves closer and closer to becoming a victim of one.

If you haven’t seen Chance Has No Empathy, you are missing out. The film made its world debut on June 16, officially selected by the Dances With Films indie film festival in Hollywood. Written and directed by Gabriel Saint, the film provides an intense spectrum of a character’s struggle between sociopathic and psychopathic behavior.

The main character, Chance, portrayed by Will Rothaar, is a serial killer, or at least thinks he is or wants to be. The only issue is that he has absolutely no kill credits to his portfolio.

We spoke with the film’s director, Gabriel Saint about how the film came to be.

Grit Daily News: What inspired you to become a director?

Gabriel Saint: My mother is an artist and my father is an accountant. I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the middle. That is kind of how directing feels to me; A battle of left brain and right brain. I thought for a long time that my focus was lacking because I’m trained in and I love so many different creative outlets. I wouldn’t say I was inspired to be a director. It’s more like I realized one day that’s what I was.

GD: How did you come up with the synopsis for the film?

GS: I took account of the natural production design of my life and then applied that to the styles of film I like best. I’m a fine artist and I like dramatic psychological thrillers.

GD: What would you identify to be the biggest challenge in putting this work together?

GS: Understanding exactly what my “voice” sounds like as a director. It’s a strange feeling hearing your own voice for the first time.

GD: What would you say to be the most exciting part about this particular project?

GS: Getting into a film festivals. I’m a first time film director and this is our first real experience at festivals.

GD: What do you want viewers to take away from this film?

GS: Creatively – I hope the audience sees an intimate piece of art crafted by a pair of human hands and that the world inside the art feels immersive and real. I want the audience to see beauty, have fun and be terrified.

You can watch the trailer below:

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