How Influencers and Celebrities are Pitching in To Help With COVID-19

Published on March 22, 2020

As COVID-19 completely changes our way of life, celebrities and influencers and doing what they can to help us all cope with the effects.

Do Your Part Challenge

One way the famous folks are pitching in is with the “Do Your Part Challenge”. In this challenge, celebrities from Britney Spears to Stassi Schroeder are posting to Instagram asking fans to share their stories of hard times because of the coronavirus through DMs. The celebrity then picks a handful of stories at random and sends them what they need, whether its food or other essential supplies. The idea of the challenge is to then nominate several others who are able to help out.
Cash App

With people out of work, one of the most needed commodities is money. While some celebrities are helping with COVID-19 by sending supplies, one influencer got creative and decided to just send cash.

Jeffree Star, one of the wealthiest YouTube makeup gurus, posted on Twitter asking people to reply to the post with their Cash App handle and the hashtag #JeffreeStarApproved. He sent cash to as many responders as he could before he hit the Cash App limit.

At Home Concerts

Another major problem that is facing society as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak is boredom. Boredom is nowhere near as serious as the risk from the virus itself, or the economic impact, but it is real.

Celebrities are stuck at home just like the rest of us, and while we’re all sitting around with all this extra time on our hands, some stars decided to give fans at home some entertainment.

John Legend took to Instagram with his wife Chrissy Teigen to put on a show from home for fans needing a little fun and entertainment. Legend opened the video by talking to the audience frankly about the virus, and then he put on a mini-concert for everyone watching.

Legend got the idea from Chris Martin of Coldplay, who did also did a mini-concert from his home. Other stars that have followed suit include Charlie Puth, Katharine McPhee, and Pink.


Many celebrities are choosing to go the traditional way when it comes to helping out in a crisis by donating large sums of money to fight the virus.

Through her Clara Lionel Foundation, Rihanna is donating $5 million to coronavirus relief. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are donating $1 million to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. Fashion industry giants are donating to hospitals in Italy, and Brad Paisley, who owns a grocery store that gives out free groceries to the needy, announced that he would be making free deliveries to seniors.

Celebrities are some of the most visible figures amongst the COVID-19 outbreak, but we can all do a little something to help. First and foremost, as the CDC recommends, stay home if you can. Maintain social distance and wash your hands.

Olivia Smith is a Senior Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in San Francisco, she covers events, entertainment, fashion, and technology. She also serves as a Voices contributor at PopSugar.

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