CCTV Cancels Oscar Coverage Because of Coronavirus

Published on January 31, 2020

A major television company from China (CCTV) announced it will not be covering the Oscar’s Red Carpet, a big event for movie consumers. As a consequence of the worsening Coronavirus epidemic, the state’s broadcaster responsible for covering the event every year will not be present.

Unless the scene changes until then, live coverage by the company in the event is canceled, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

China is the biggest consumer of movies in the world and will release Marriage Story and Little Women, two of the most indicated movies, next February on movie theaters.

It’s important to analyze that only last year, The Chinese spent about $3.7 billion in movies in the first four months. On the other hand, all of North America spent $2.8 billion.

And the Oscar goes to… Science

More than eight thousand people have diagnosed with Coronavirus in China with more than 200 deaths. According Zhou Xianwang, politician in Wuhan, one person in the hospital infected at least other 14 people. This disease was classified as a super-spreader and the announcement went live on CCTV last week.

The U.S. State Department is currently making workers from China go through extra flights in Alaska and California’s military base. There, passengers are to go through inspection for disease.

It’s not a first time we’ve had epidemic diseases; ebola, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria have caused a similar panic in the past. This experience only serves as an alert for long term scientific study on disease and prevention methods.

Another important point is that the first person-to-person Coronavirus case in the U.S. was just reported. Let’s remember it’s an election year and it is fundamental talk about crises such as this. We must also think about what our governments can do to solve it.

To track Coronavirus in real time, you can check out this map.

Luciana Gontijo is Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Brazil, she focuses her writing on arts and entertainment. She was formerly with HuffPost Brazil.

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