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Dana Kay Sitting
Brian Swan
on June 3, 2021

The Link Between Toxic Foods and Behavioral Issues in Children

One of the biggest challenges parents face with children is dealing with tantrums or meltdowns. Not only is it hard to manage emotional outbursts while they’re happening, but it can also be difficult to understand why they happen and how to prevent them in the future. Behavioral issues can often be linked to a lack […]

Nikki Neu
on May 21, 2021

Post Pandemic, Federal Aid Remains Controversial for Restaurants Across the Country

Anil Grandhi is on a mission to help restaurants get their street..errr…TAX cred. Restaurants suffered during the pandemic. With long closures, lockdown restrictions, and food delivery services that take a huge portion of their profit, many beloved restaurants shut their doors permanently. Even though the pandemic is nearing its end, the restaurants that survived are […]

Gustavo Vitti
Daniela Elezovic Daniela Elezovic has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on April 3, 2021

At Latin America’s Largest Food-Tech Company, Gustavo Vitti Spearhead’s iFood’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative

Sure, you can say pursuing sustainability is great –but creating a regenerative future is what the world really needs. iFood, the leader in online food delivery in Latin America, is making advances to go beyond and create an eco-system to achieve zero environmental impact. Gustavo Vitti, Vice President of People and Sustainable Solutions at iFood […]

Katherine Stinson
on March 23, 2021

What Grubtech’s New Funding Means For The Future of Cloud Kitchens

Grubtech is a Dubai-based food tech company. They specialize in providing cloud-based kitchen technology to restaurateurs. Grubtech recently acquired $3.4 million in pre-series A funding from a series of diverse investors. As a result, Grubtech has plans to expand their brand, by “Accelerat[ing] product development and capitaliz[ing] on increased demand from MENA, Europe, and the Americas.” So […]

Nicolas Riggio
Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on February 19, 2021

Entrepreneur Nicolas Riggio is Redefining The Food Tech Industry

Nicolas Riggio started in finance before eventually pivoting to food tech when he noticed the food industry was full of empty promises to consumers—empty promises that more advanced technology could help. With that, Riggio launched Blissimo with an algorithmic based research and development process to both improve nutrition and the supply chain. We sat down […]

Katherine Stinson
on January 15, 2021

Taco Bell Is Catering to Vegans with New Menu Items

Taco Bell is catering to the vegan community with new menu items. The popular Mexican food chain will be partnering with Beyond Meat to introduce vegan meat to the menu. Taco Bell will also bringing back potatoes as a menu item. These two new changes will occur at Taco Bells nationwide starting this March. Beyond […]

burnout travel mug
Peter Salib
on January 8, 2021

Show and Tell: No more lip dance with the BURNOUT Travel Mug

**This article about the BURNOUT Travel Mug is co-authored by Hannah Buczek of Bold TV. Welcome back to Show and Tell, where I unbox sweet tech for every area of your life. In this episode, let’s take a look at the BURNOUT temperature-regulating travel mug. Coffee is best served hot or iced, never in-between. So […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on December 29, 2020

Wine Down and Chill: a True Gem

The sun is tempting all of us at wine down and chill to get outside and absorb some rays, in a social distancing way, of course. It’s patio season and we know that you’re all interested in learning about different wines so that you can get down to drinking them! Got it. We’ll continue to […]

Torchy's Tacos
Jack Giroux
on December 20, 2020

The Texas favorite Torchy’s​ Tacos is expanding big-time

Torchy’s Tacos is expanding. The Texas-based chain is delicious. Recently, the company sold a $400 million stake in the company to new investors, as well as expanded into three new states. Austin, Texas is where the company was born in 2006. It’s a popular spot among locals. Everyone knows their logo there, a charming little […]

protein packed workout smoothies
Jori Ayers
on December 19, 2020

Here Are Some Protein Packed Workout Smoothies You Have To Try

There is nothing like finishing out a good workout that has left you breathless, sweaty and feeling good all at the same time. After those hard-core workouts, you may be left feeling hungry and ready for a pick-me-up. Feeling like you need to recharge after a workout means your body is telling you that it […]

Best foods to have during summer
Jori Ayers
on December 17, 2020

Summer Summer Summertime: The Best Foods To Have During Summer

Summertime is here everyone! It’s time to bring out your summer clothes, sunscreen and pool floats. Summertime means the heat is turning up, and most likely, your diet will change. Now, I’m not saying you will eat the best foods, but hey, it’s summer. You’ve been doing good all year and it’s time to let […]

fair food drive-thrus
Jori Ayers
on December 10, 2020

A New Era: Fair Food Drive-Thrus

Who would have thought that a fair drive-thru would ever become an actual thing? Neither did I, and I’m more excited about than I thought I would be. As we know, many things have been shut down or canceled due to COVID-19, but some events had other plans and are determined not to let it […]

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