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marketing by Hawke Media
Loralyn Mears PhD
on July 19, 2021

A Hawk-Eye for Growth Opportunities

When your marketing competitors headline their Google ads with, “Hawke Media Alternative,” you know that you’ve created something worth imitating. Enter Erik Huberman, founder of Hawke Media (2013) and Hawke Ventures (2018). He’s a featured Forbes 30 Under 30 serial entrepreneur now leading a team of more than 220 employees. Clients include big brands like […]

Melanin Haircare Grit Daily News
Daniela Elezovic
on June 4, 2021

This Challenger Cosmetic Brand Is Betting Big on Black Beauty

There’s a gap for luxurious and affordable beauty haircare and the industry is due for a new hairdo. Melanin Haircare, founded by two sisters, online creator content Whitney White and Taffeta White are pushing the beauty industry standards to safer ingredients and making it affordable for families. We sat down with Whitney White to discuss […]

Elayne Fluker Grit Daily News
Daniela Elezovic
on June 3, 2021

Elayne Fluker Says It’s Time for Women to Shed “I Got It” Syndrome

“I got it.” Those three words echo in women’s minds — often articulated — and equally to their own detriment. Indeed, is it time to shed the “I got it” syndrome? That’s the thinking behind entrepreneur Elayne Fluker’s SiS Academy. Also the host of the Support is Sexy podcast, Elayne sees big opportunities ahead for […]

Scott Kirsner: Grit Daily News
Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on May 25, 2021

Scott Kirsner Has Something to Say About Innovation

From covering startups and tech companies to helping others effectively drive innovation at them, Innovation Leader CEO on what BigCo’s can learn from startups

Freddy Bunker
Daniela Elezovic
on April 20, 2021

The Internet Is Loving Freddy Bunkers’ Body Wipes

Think eighth grade is too young to launch a startup? Think again. Freddy Bunkers was an eighth-grader when he started his entrepreneurial career and is now on track to becoming a seven-figure business. He was an always-on-the-go athlete, acne-prone just like every other adolescent, and in search of finding the best solution to feel and […]

Tere Tatiana
Daniela Elezovic
on April 8, 2021

Tere Tatiana: The Woman Who Can Teach the Ins and Outs of the Trucking Business

Trucking? Tere Tatiana couldn’t imagine that it was a lucrative business, but her mother did. Tere went from military wife, a government contractor in Afghanistan, to owning not one, but multiple businesses. By allowing herself to stop thinking that the trucking business is a “man’s” job, it opened up more opportunities for her to grow […]

Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on April 7, 2021

J.D. Salbego is Here to Tell You What Not to Do with NFT Art

Looking to get in on “NFT” investing and don’t know where to start? J.D. Salbego of CoinTelegraph fame visited with Grit Daily (virtually) to educate us mere pedestrians on why art is selling for a cool $69 million and news outlet Quartz got in on the act to pocket $1800. Naturally, we’ll take either number […]

Gustavo Vitti
Daniela Elezovic
on April 3, 2021

At Latin America’s Largest Food-Tech Company, Gustavo Vitti Spearhead’s iFood’s Carbon Neutrality Initiative

Sure, you can say pursuing sustainability is great –but creating a regenerative future is what the world really needs. iFood, the leader in online food delivery in Latin America, is making advances to go beyond and create an eco-system to achieve zero environmental impact. Gustavo Vitti, Vice President of People and Sustainable Solutions at iFood […]

Lorna Kapusta
Daniela Elezovic
on March 31, 2021

Fidelity’s Lorna Kapusta Has Something to Say about Women in Leadership

With Women’s History Month coming to an end, by no means do we stop providing the necessary tools women need to become successful. Lorna Kapusta, Head of Women Investors and Customer Engagement at Fidelity Investments, runs a dedicated team to help and serve women to make informed financial decisions. We sat down with Lorna to […]

Irina Nazarova
Daniela Elezovic
on March 17, 2021

Want To Learn More About Smart EEG? Meet Irina Nazarova

Meet Irina Nazarova, former Editor-in-Chief at the largest entertainment magazine in Russia, to now marketing director of two New York-based health companies. She’s taking smart wearable system and inspiring developers to use the technology to understand the brain. We sat down with Irina to discuss the industry and its power to change the medical technology world. Grit […]

Daniela Elezovic
on March 3, 2021

Need to Save? No Problem: Meet Digit App Founder And CEO Ethan Bloch

Ethan Bloch founded Digit with the intention of making personal finance feel less like a daunting chore and more like an effortless task. In a world where smartphone apps rule, the answer was simple. We sat down (digitally) with Bloch to catch up on everything from the story behind the Digit name to the ins […]

Stock Trading - Paul Scolardi
Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on February 12, 2021

Considering Trading The Market Craze? Heed This Advice First

With the stock market repeatedly breaking through all-time historic highs throughout the pandemic, and more recently, all of the hype surrounding Reddit trading forums and the Gamestop saga, millennials are jumping into stock trading at an unprecedented rate. Services like Robinhood have also made trading more accessible and affordable than it’s ever been, clearing the […]

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