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marketing by Hawke Media
Loralyn Mears PhD
on July 19, 2021

A Hawk-Eye for Growth Opportunities

When your marketing competitors headline their Google ads with, “Hawke Media Alternative,” you know that you’ve created something worth imitating. Enter Erik Huberman, founder of Hawke Media (2013) and Hawke Ventures (2018). He’s a featured Forbes 30 Under 30 serial entrepreneur now leading a team of more than 220 employees. Clients include big brands like […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on July 12, 2021

I Spy With My Little Eye …

Meet Lynn Wood, Chief Idea Spy and founder of IdeaSpies. Her platform is all about sharing ideas that do good. “We’re all attracted to negative news so we’re breaking through with a positive formula,” she said. Indeed, the world needs a lift. Her inspiration source? A casual exchange with a fellow passenger on a ferry […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on July 6, 2021

Reducing Cognitive Bias to Pick Winners

Miriam Rivera is the co-founder, CEO, and managing director of Ulu Ventures. The venture fund is one of the largest Latina firms in the world. IT startups, including the Unicorns, BetterUp and Guild, along with six others, are at the center of this early seed stage venture fund in Silicon Valley. Rivera and her team […]

Katie Ferraro
Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 28, 2021

Seven Kids in Three Years Makes You …

Katie Ferraro is the founder of Fortified Family. She’s also the mother of seven kids. Specifically, she has a singlet child, quadruplets, and twins. The jaw-dropping details is that she gave birth to all seven kids within the span of only three years! Ferraro is also the host of the incredibly successful podcast, “Baby-Led Weaning […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 21, 2021

Investing in LatAm Entrepreneurs to Transform Society

Life doesn’t always go as planned – just ask this woman in tech. She’s one of a growing number of serial entrepreneurs. She’s also an investor and guest of our Grit Daily News Like a Boss podcast. She holds Master’s degrees in computer science and science entrepreneurship. Meet Consuelo Valverde, founder and managing partner of […]

Like a Boss podcast
Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 13, 2021

Fulfilled: how a Cardiac Event Spurred Happiness

This week’s episode of the Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast features Mexico’s most trusted CEO. Simón Cohen has happiness front and center in all that he does. Not only for himself, but for his executive team and entire staff at Henco. Cohen is the Chairman and says that, “Henco Logistics is a company that […]

Amanda Jacobson Grit Daily
Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 6, 2021

The Oyster That Supports Pearls in Mexico

Meet Amanda Jacobson, the podcast guest of this week’s Grit Daily News Like a Boss series. She is the Chief of Staff for Oyster Financial. This is a neobank for SMBs co-headquartered in Mexico City and San Francisco. Prior to joining Oyster’s executive management team, she managed a portfolio of nine fintech startups for Fiinlab, […]

Grit Daily Like a Boss Podcast
Loralyn Mears PhD
on February 27, 2021

Is Deeper Human Connection the Future of Work?

Josia Nakash (pronounced “Josie”) is the co-founder of The CEO Collective (not to be confused with the women’s masterclass which shares the same), an Israel-based company focused on forging deeper human connections in the workplace. She’s developed “the integral method” as a means of identifying the gaps and bringing teams together. Nakash shared her thoughts […]

Jeremy Ryan Slate
on December 10, 2020

Bulletproof Coffee Founder Reveals Success Secrets in Latest Book, ‘Game Changers’

It all started for Dave Asprey when he was the first individual to sell a product online, but that tech entrepreneur lifestyle led him to balloon to over 300 pounds, After discovering secrets to fix his own health health, Asprey lost over 100 pounds, and knew he was on to something. Asprey then spent nearly […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on November 2, 2020

Monday Motivation: Working from Home with Daniel Hall

Monday motivation, we need it, stat! We’ve all been listening the news and there hasn’t been that much to be thrilled about. But we have a special guest today, Daniel Hall, to get us motivated, Monday motivation style – with a twist. His experience and new project are more important than ever as we’re all […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on October 12, 2020

Monday Motivation: Managing Burnout

Monday motivation, we need it, stat! If you’re feeling like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and you have no wick or wax left, this is for you. So many of us are just waiting for 2020 to be OVER with a capital “O.” Here’s a pick-me-up to launch your week on the […]

Loralyn Mears PhD
on October 5, 2020

Monday Motivation: Timing is Everything

Monday motivation, where are you? It’s already mid-afternoon in NYC, are you late? Did you know that your morning mood affects your productivity all day? Grit Daily is here to get your work week off to a good start. Pump your fists – it’s time for Monday motivation! The punctuality problem Well, to be fair, […]

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