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on October 15, 2021

Here’s Why You Should Listen to Investor Michael Loeb

Getting lost in the noise created by self-proclaimed gurus and “experts” could lead to disaster for a budding business. With new startups continuing to be founded each day, knowing who to listen to has become an essential skill for founders. Experience, connections, critical thinking, and open-mindedness are only some of the traits a great venture […]

The pandemic hasn’t ended—and shipping problems haven’t either
Casey Adams
on September 21, 2021

The pandemic hasn’t ended—and shipping challenges haven’t either

These five tips can help you navigate shipping challenges through the unrelenting pandemic.

Matt Cimaglia
on July 23, 2021

How Can Miami Keep its Influx of Remote Tech Workers?

Earlier this year, the City of Miami hired its first-ever chief technology officer. Mayor Francis Suarez has been zealously courting tech firms and remote workers since the pandemic began, having reportedly spoken with Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt and Peter Thiel, among others. He’s betting big on crypto and openly talking to Elon Musk about building […]

warehouse workers
Casey Adams
on June 26, 2021

Help Wanted in Warehouses: Here’s How to Hire and Keep Warehouse Workers

Most analysts predict online sales to grow—exasperating an already severe shortage of warehouses and warehouse workers. One thing confirmed during the pandemic: we love having stuff delivered to our homes. Why go to the store when the store comes to you? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, ecommerce sales totaled $1.581 billion during the first […]

Sarah Marshall
on June 24, 2021

Mitigate Partners’ Employer Day Empowered Participants to Challenge the Healthcare System

Mitigate Partners recently hosted their annual Employer Day, with the theme of “Demystifying Healthcare Costs – Controlling Costs is not a Spectator Sport! How to Crawl, Walk, Run, and Fly.” The event took place on June 7th at The Gasparilla Inn Beach Club in Boca Grande, Florida, and focused on issues like price transparency, keeping […]

online payments
Sarah Marshall
on March 23, 2021

Stripe Now Highest Valued Startup in America

Stripe recently became the most valuable startup in America, valued at $95B. The online payment portal, used by Instacart, Google and Amazon, nearly tripled in value after its latest funding round where the company raised $600M from major investors including Fidelity, Sequoia Capital, Ireland’s National Treasury Management Agency and Allianz. There are murmurs among investors […]

Sarah Marshall
on March 12, 2021

When Will RiskIQ IPO?

RiskIQ is a cloud-based cybersecurity SaaS company out of California that detects fraud, malware, phishing, and all manner of cybersecurity threats. Founded in 2009 by Elias (Lou) Manousos (CEO), Chris Kiernan and David Pon, the company is considered a leader in the digital threat management and boasts annual revenue of $30.7M. RiskIQ is a member […]

kubernetes security solutions
Sarah Marshall
on March 4, 2021

When Will Tigera IPO?

Tigera has reached Series B funding status since its founding in 2016 and may be ready to go public via IPO. The company has a comparatively high rate of growth, at around 7%, begging the question, when will Tigera file an IPO? It’s not always in a company’s best interest to go public, but based […]

marketing automation
Sarah Marshall
on February 10, 2021

Banzai, Marketing Automation Giant, Acquires Leading Webinar Platform Demio

Banzai, a SaaS company that offers leading marketing automation software for in person, virtual and hybrid events, has announced its acquisition of Demio, a top-rated webinar platform. Grit Daily caught up with Banzai co-founder Joe Davy to better understand what the acquisition means for the future of the company. A lot of meetings that had […]

Diamond View
Michael Kalman
on February 3, 2021

Charting the Course for 2021

The global economy is under immense pressure, with fundamental political and social issues complicating the outlook for almost all industries. Coronavirus has seemingly changed the world we live in, but CEOs still need to plan the next 11 months of business strategy. Having a roadmap is vital to success, and uncertainty can paralyze even the […]

Sarah Marshall
on February 1, 2021

Branding is More Important Than Ever

Quarantine moved everything online – from work and wine parties to global summits and grocery shopping. Branding expert Frank Rodriguez says branding and creating a streamlined user experience is more important than ever because, “virtual is the new front porch.” When lockdowns started, businesses that hadn’t created easy-to-navigate, interactive user experiences found themselves at a […]

Simon Francis
on December 27, 2020

UK honors grassroots campaigners

Ten grassroots campaigners have been honored at a UK-wide awards ceremony for the impact of their work. Each year, the Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners working in social enterprises, charities and individuals. Recovery Space took a top award for its campaigners’ work helping the tens of thousands of people who […]

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