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Jordi Lippe-McGraw Jordi Lippe-McGraw has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on July 21, 2021

Aluminum Packaging is Changing the Face of Beauty Brands

With the climate in peril, the zero waste movement has caught on. Everyone from universities to cities are trying to slash their trash. Consumer brands are jumping on board by revamping their packaging from plastic and paper to aluminum. And while we typically think of beer, pantry staples, and pet food packaged in metal, aluminum […]

Ella Emhoff
Olivia Smith
on January 21, 2021

Ella Emhoff Stole The Spotlight At The Inauguration

Ella Emhoff, the stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, attended the inauguration yesterday, and her style was the source of a great deal of praise. A budding designer herself, 21-year-old Emhoff is currently a senior at New York’s Parson’s School of Design. Emhoff arrived at the inauguration to watch her stepmother take the oath of […]

hubble contacts
Julia Sachs
on December 21, 2020

Wearing Hubble Contacts Right Now? You’ll Want To Read This…

Bad news, contact lens wearers—the hot new (cheap) service Hubble has one pretty big catch. If you’ve been on social media at all in the last year or two, odds are you’ve come across an ad for Hubble Contacts. Hubble is an automated subscription service that delivers contact lenses to your doorstep every month for […]

Candace owens
Katherine Stinson
on November 16, 2020

Candace Owens Under Fire For Criticizing Harry Styles’ Vogue Cover

Conservative author and political commentator Candace Owens came under fire for a Twitter post she made Saturday criticizing Harry Styles’ December Vogue cover. Styles is an English singer with a huge fanbase, and is also the first man to have a solo Vogue cover. Owens critiqued photos of Styles’ in women’s dresses for the magazine, […]

Kylie cosmetics holiday collection
Julia Sachs
on November 13, 2020

The 2020 Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Partners With The Grinch

Kylie Cosmetics, the ultra-successful makeup-line made by Kylie Jenner, is known for its holiday collections. Over the last couple of years the line has created several highly detailed holiday collections themed after the holidays in various different ways. Jenner, who is revealing the 2020 Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection on her Instagram this week, teased the […]

Glossier & the WNBA
Yelena Mandenberg
on October 18, 2020

Glossier & the WNBA Celebrate All Types of Bodies for New Body Care Line

NYC-based brand Glossier & the WNBA have partnered up to showcase the brand’s new body line. Pink, sumptuous, and packaged pretty, Glossier’s Body Hero Line is made with high-caliber ingredients that leave you moisturized. But, what customers like best is the conversation accompanying this line – Glossier has teamed up with some key stars from […]

black owned haircare products
Jori Ayers
on August 19, 2020

Here Are Three Black-Owned Celebrity Haircare Lines That You Should Have Right Now

In August, the Black community celebrates Black Business Month, so this month we are going to highlight the many Black businesses in the world. It’s time that those in the Black-owned and business community get recognized. It’s time that they get just as much of an audience as those who are advertising their brands. Here […]

Alicia Keys
Jori Ayers
on August 19, 2020

Alicia Keys Is Collaborating with E.L.F. On Creating A Skincare Line

Alicia Keys, the queen who gave us “If I Ain’t Got You”, “You Don’t Know My Name” and “My Boo” is feeding us yet again like she always does with her inspirational Instagram posts, but this time she is feeding us with a new skincare line that she will be launching. E.L.F posted on Twitter […]

no makeup during covid
Jori Ayers
on August 19, 2020

No Makeup, No Problem: Women Get Used To The Idea of Wearing No Makeup During COVID

We all have embraced the weird COVID trends that have been going on. That’s okay; we live in an age where there may be some weird trends, but this new trend of women embracing an all-natural look is one that we should keep once the pandemic is over. The trend of no makeup-makeup has only […]

kfc crocs
Jori Ayers
on August 5, 2020

KFC Crocs Are A Thing and Yes They Sold Out Within Two And A Half Hours

I swear the world has seen it all when it comes to fashion trends, shoe trends, or whatever trends hit the media. From under boob trends that I don’t, and never will, understand to double jean fashion and now we are on to KFC Crocs. All I can say is that I’m widely confused as […]

hair discrimination
Jori Ayers
on July 29, 2020

How I Overcame Hair Discrimination To Find Confidence In Myself

Imagine you’re going in for a job interview, meeting up with a client, building your brand, etc. You get up early to prepare yourself for the day. You get your outfit ready and spend hours on your hair—only to arrive at your destination and have your potential client or boss tell you that you didn’t […]

Julia Sachs
on July 20, 2020

Target Created A Badge For Its Products Made From Black-Owned Brands

Tons of brands are being called out on social media for posting performative content in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement while actively working against people of color or failing to work harder on uplifting Black communities in their business practices. Target, one brand that was at the helm of the Black Lives Matter […]

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