Cari Jo Parham Shares 3 Must-See Tips for Buying or Selling Homes

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 15, 2024

There’s a long list of things to do when buying or selling your home. Many are clear-cut prerequisites everyone must fulfill to make a transaction work. But the room for choice—especially when choosing a realtor to partner with—could decide the success of your purchase or sale.

It’s always in a realtor’s interest that your transaction reaches its conclusion without a hitch. But the industry’s most selfless professionals go a step beyond, sharing knowledge and insight with their clients to ensure their goals become their ultimate destination. Why compromise if your money, property, or dream future is on the line?

Cari Jo Parham, REALTOR and Team Leader at Parham Realty Team brokered by Lucky Money Real Estate is ascending towards the title of best real estate agent in Texas by no accident. But her rising industry stature is just a by-product of what she deems a fundamental philosophy in real estate: being genuinely invested in every transaction.

That passion manifests through an educational ethos, where the Parham Realty Team’s wisdom is communal among its clients. Here are Cari Jo’s three most vital pointers for selling or buying homes:

1. Appraise your property’s appeal

Selling homes can feel like an exact science sometimes. You look at the market, compare similar properties, and settle on a reasonable number. But getting too wrapped up in numbers can neglect the essence of your property and how you might be able to captivate buyers into upping their offer.

“Be cognizant of how pricing factors into the search for a property,” Cari Jo says. “As buyers, we are looking for ‘the one.’ For some, that means a made-ready, turn-key property; for others, it’s a lower-priced home with an opportunity to add value down the road. Sellers with that universally appealing property, or those with an opportunity for the discerning individual, should have it priced accordingly to attract the correct buyer.”

From a Realtor’s perspective, Cari Jo believes the best thing she can do is treat each property as if it were her own. That way, she can delve right into the heart of its potential value, regardless of how sizeable the deal is. The approach works, as the Parham Realty Team Leader consistently achieves Top Producer status in her brokerage, ranking in the Top 300 of North Houston Real Producers in 2023.

2. Consider commonly overlooked costs

There’s nothing worse than carefully planning your budget only for unforeseen expenditures to throw your preparations out the window. There are ways to make buying homes more affordable, but make sure to identify all the small print before booking a vacation with your leftover funds.

“It costs money to buy a house,” Cari Jo states. “While programs exist, such as VA or USDA, that can reduce or even eliminate down payments, ‘Zero Down’ does not mean zero cost. Inspections, appraisals, earnest money, an option period—all of these costs associated with purchasing a property are out-of-pocket and not connected to a No-Down Payment program.”

Partnering with a reputable realtor is an effective way to protect against unexpected complications. Cari Jo has worked in property management and helped bring new builds to market, so she is familiar with the industry’s technicalities.

When the closing table approaches, she provides tangible financial perks, amounting to $40,000 in 2023. The difference is felt within her community, whether it’s buyer rebates or listing discounts for those selling homes.

3. Maintain a modest mindset

Okay, you’ve retained some money you thought you’d have to say goodbye to, but don’t jump for joy just yet. The last step to seeing your deal through is to stay grounded. Anything can happen in real estate, and nothing is certain until you put the keys in the door.

“It’s important to maintain a realistic outlook relative to the inherent fluctuations of real estate,” Cari Jo advises. “As the market shifts, so does the availability and thus the pricing of homes.”

Parham Realty Team relies on collaborative dynamism to cover all bases, as Cari Jo’s husband Jason complements his partner’s skill set. Cari Jo’s specialty is leveraging her background as an executive assistant to create a luxury experience. Meanwhile, Jason is focused on the commercial aspect of the teams interests.

Whether you’re selling homes or buying homes, knowledge is the key to success. Discovering your property’s big draw, pre-empting potential costs, and staying grounded could turn the tide of your transaction. For the Parham Realty Team, valuing local teachers, first responders, and military personnel while giving back to their clients is nothing less than their community deserves.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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