Hate Commuting? This Company Wants To Fix That

Published on August 23, 2018

Commuting is the least favorite part of any day for just about anyone. No one likes sitting in traffic on their way to or from work when they can spend that precious time at home. Fortunately, technology is going to make our commutes a little bit easier as it progresses. Companies like CarGurus are focusing on how we use our cars in order to get a better understanding of their market. The service looks at what consumers want the most out of their cars. They do so by looking at situations where they’re most often in their cars—during their commute.

By looking deeply at the habits surrounding how Americans use their cars, CarGurus is able to gain a better understanding of the needs their consumers are looking for. When car companies begin looking at how they can make their consumers daily lives better they can market appropriately. Commuting habits differ based on location. It also depends on the type of commute and the extent of the commute. CarGurus understands that not all commutes are the same and wants to provide car recommendations to its users based on their specific needs.

New Beginnings For Commuting

CarGurus has found that commuting is the most common way that American’s use their cars in 2018. Their data map, which was released just today, shows that the majority of Americans generally only use their cars for commuting purposes. The data that CarGuru’s collected also showed that drivers find themselves becoming more stressed out during their commute. The study found that most drivers feel stressed out during their commute because of how other drivers are around them. The study found that a majority of people become so frustrated while driving that they have either screamed or reacted harshly to the actions of other drivers.

The interactive map that CarGurus released today provides a way for people to study their commutes. Then they’re able to find a comprehensive list of car recommendations. The car recommendations are based on habits of a majority of drivers that take the same commute. Each car recommendation is curated based on the needs of the drivers.  It also takes into consideration what the most popular cars are for people in that demographic. For example, those who commute via freeway will want to find a car that can handle longer commutes. While a driver who commutes in the city will want to find a car with a good fuel efficiency and security. To check out the CarGurus suggestions yourself, click here.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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