What Fans Can Expect From CAOS, Part Four

Published on January 31, 2020

It is safe to say that the seventh episode of part three of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (CAOS) left us shook. I thought the producers were going to give us a season where everyone dies. And honestly, I can’t take that; Supernatural has been doing that for years. Nevertheless, there was some salvation delivered, except for Dorcas. On the down side, the only way our blonde Morningstar could save the day was by being the absolute worst (and best) witch in the realm. Watch out for spoilers ahead.

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It Gets Complicated

Please, bear with me. To save Greendale and her coven from the pagans and Blackwood, Future Sabrina had to go back to the past and rescue the Sabrina that was tricked by Prince of Hell, Caliban. Past Sabrina was given the clear instruction of going back to where she was trapped in Hell in order to complete the time loop and not have the very thin fabric of the universe destroyed. If you watch the show, you know exactly where I am going with this: the witch does the exact opposite.

Instead, with Past Sabrina becoming Present Sabrina, she goes back to Hell to inform her other self of what Caliban is planning. As a result, the other self wins the Unholy Regalia competition and becomes Queen of Hell. Excited, is it not? Except for the part where there are two Sabrinas now: a regular teenage witch and a hellish monarch. If you’ve seen the trilogy of Back To The Future, you understand the fragility of messing with time travel. And since I cannot remain calm knowing that part four is on its way later this year (Praise Hecate), here is what fans expect to see next.

Two Sabrinas

That’s an obvious one. You remember that scene in Lohan’s The Parent Trap where the evil stepmother to be finds out there is a set of twins she has to deal with? Yup, that’s going to be Aunt Zelda hopefully soon. Since one is in cahoots with Lilith and Lucifer, there is a chance Queen Sabrina might end up fighting Regular Sabrina. And who knows? Maybe with Caliban they might attempt to make Earth the tenth circle of Hell.

Baby On Board?

Speaking of Lilith, she is pregnant. She claims it’s a boy, although there is no reason to not trust her (wrote he sarcastically). It would be interesting to see the Mother of Demons deal with something as earthly as pregnancy. But what I care about the most is if it’s a boy. Most monarchies value male heirs above females. If Queen Morningstar does not end up fighting Regular Morningstar, her brother might be the one to become an obstacle in her way. And who knows? Maybe both Sabrinas will join forces to defeat the possible newest Antichrist.

Blackwood’s Squad

Back to damn Blackwood. At the end of the season, the former unholy priest has three followers: his twins Judas and Judith, and an insane Agatha. At the end you will see him praying to some eldritch terror inside an egg (term courtesy of H. P. Lovecraft). The egg hatches and it’s loose onto the world. Blackwood intended for the monster to use him as a vessel, but that’d be too easy. It would be refreshing for Blackwood to do some good and try to find the creature. And perhaps the creature kills him. Who knows? As for the rest of the squad, the twins can’t die; that’d be just cruel. Okay, maybe one twin dies but that’s it. Agatha cannot die either; she needs to redeem herself and get back to the only sister she has now, Prudence.

About Prudence…

She presents an interesting argument. She claims that if Ambrose hadn’t stopped her from murdering Blackwood (her father), then there would have been less collateral damage, so she broke up with him. Now, The Broken Hearts Club of Greendale has gained Prudence and Nick as members (since he breaks up with Sabrina as well). And since Prue and Nicky dated in the past, it would be interesting to see these two rekindle their relationship. With all of the growth these two have done, it is safe to say that we’d be getting a less twisted version of what they once had.

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Part Four just yet. But you can count that Sabrina will keep us on our toes for days to come. Let’s stay tuned.

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