Let’s talk about cannabis and consumers.

Not everyone wants to see memes littered with photos of leaves and smoke. In fact, what oceans of consumers have been waiting for is purely authoritative, objective information on legal cannabis and Cannabidiol “CBD” that they can leverage for health and wellness. In the last few years we’ve seen a sharp uptick in consumer interest and research into CBD.

Let’s talk about cannabis and brands.

Brands have been waiting for a platform to emerge that provides objective, well-sourced legal cannabis information for their consumers; especially non-cannabis brands that wish to unlock the powerful cannabis craze and get in front of those millions of curious eyeballs.

How to Figure Out What People Truly Want From Brands

While we have seen a boom in the cannabis tech space, the problem has been that no truly great sites and content repositories have existed that are unbiased and authoritative — non-advocacy for use — and replete with tools to help marketers capture and action efficiently against phenomenal data.

Today, that has changed. There is a new unique data tool that empowers digital marketers and communication teams working in the cannabis space to make informed decisions and take advantage of the potential behind the legal cannabis and CBD explosion.

The problem was that companies were originally reliant on paid search advertising which was then banned from Google and other search engines’ “pay-per click” networks. In response, marketing teams began being hired to regain the highest level of sales through “search engine optimization” and targeted user experience without any pay-per click spends.

How Emerging Tech Can Help Marketers Reach New Demographics

Through new efficient marketing technology that collects a vast amount of analytical data on cannabis and CBD companies are able to validate their campaigns using industry-leading online and social listening techniques to suit any company’s niche demographics and campaign.

Currently, there are more than 2.5 million samples of data available covering any demographic or niche using AI to understand the emotions and backgrounds driving people to use cannabis.

Now communications and marketing experts have the know how to map their customers’ true intent and see how and where it’s best to reach them directly before they become mainstream. These consumer products are finally able to reach the cannabis marketplace without having to alter their advertising aesthetic or company message.