How a Trailblazing Telemedicine Provider’s Tech Platform Is Disrupting Healthcare

By Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 14, 2022

While telemedicine isn’t new—it’s been around in its current digital form since the 1990s, with older iterations including radio versions dating back to the 1920s—it has grown significantly over the last decade. And when COVID-19 hit, growth in telemedicine skyrocketed. As the world continues to move forward, virtual healthcare services are here to stay. 

While many adopted telemedicine during COVID-19 as a means to avoid potential contamination from in-person appointments, the reason we continue to use telemedicine is multi-faceted. CallonDoc, one of the nation’s leaders in virtual primary care practice, sees cost, privacy, and convenience as key reasons behind the growth of its platform. And these were some of the driving forces that compelled them to take telemedicine beyond the standard. 

While most telemedicine providers act as a quick clinic option, providing sinus infection diagnoses and prescriptions over the phone in a matter of minutes, CallonDoc goes beyond the norm. With a highly customized offering and sophisticated tech platform that serves as a quick clinic option, they also build the long-term primary care physician relationships that are traditionally reserved for in-person interactions. 

Why Telemedicine Is So Important

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2020, 28 million people (8.6% of the population) did not have healthcare coverage at any point during the year. Many were unable to receive medical care due to the costs.

Initially used to screen for and treat COVID-19 cases, virtual care became pivotal for primary health services as well. Suddenly, traditional offices were using Zoom meetings for check-ups, and telemedicine platforms rose in prevalence—for more than just those quick-fix situations. Just as many other industries shifted to remote and digital options, healthcare made strides to digitize further.  

Telemedicine helps provide necessary care to patients while minimizing travel and maximizing accessibility and efficiency for those who need it most. Traditionally, marginalized communities and other populations in need face the challenge of limited resources that extend to lack of insurance, lack of transportation to medical offices or laboratories, and limited funds to manage expensive appointments. With telemedicine providers, these communities can get the medical attention they need with convenience and ease. 

CallonDoc has no need for insurance, and patients can receive primary care services, prescription care, and even lab testing through their solutions—all from the comfort of their own homes. CallonDoc’s remote lab testing, in particular, is revolutionary in the telemedicine industry, as prior to it, those who needed bloodwork performed would face the same scheduling, transportation, and cost issues that made in-person care prohibitive. CallonDoc’s testing kits are delivered to the patient’s home with instructions and a prepaid return box, and they can be used for lipid panels, blood glucose levels, STDs, and more. 

Remote lab testing and many other telemedicine offerings are also favored over in-person options because they offer more privacy and comfort. Patients who need mental health services are not tasked with sitting in waiting rooms with others, nor are those getting tested subjected to discussing their private testing needs with receptionists while others mill about the waiting room. Instead, all of these services offer the highest level of discretion. 

By making healthcare accessible, affordable, convenient, and private, many who would otherwise be unable to access treatment and those who would put it off due to inconvenience or discomfort are empowered to take control of their health with the help of board-certified physicians and easy-to-use digital platforms. With innovative providers pushing the envelope past the standard quick-diagnosis care, we will continue to see telemedicine grow and transform to meet the multi-faceted needs of consumers nationwide. 

By Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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