When Will Caffeine TV IPO?

Published on April 23, 2021

Will Caffeine TV IPO soon? The live-streaming social broadcasting platform has been around since 2018. Caffeine TV was founded by Ben Keighran, who also serves as the company CEO. Caffeine TV has yet to go public on the U.S stock market.

What Is Caffeine TV?

Caffeine TV has been billed as a worthy competitor to Twitch, another popular live-streaming platform. Caffeine TV has snagged celebrity clientele for their platform, including Drake and Offset. According to a Verge interview with Keighran in 2019, the CEO, “the [Caffeine TV] experience is aimed squarely at 13 to 25-year-olds.”

The multi-year deal that Drake signed with Caffeine TV last year included the popular rapper producing season one of the Ultimate Rap League, a series of rap battles that aired exclusively on Caffeine TV. According to Caffeine TV, the first season of the Ultimate Rap League brought in 8.7 million viewers.

Check out the trailer for season two of the Ultimate Rap League below.

Both Fox and Disney have seats on the board for Caffeine TV, according to a Verge report. That means that streamers on the platform can use content that Fox and Disney own the rights to, without copyright infringement.

According to an official Caffeine TV press release, what makes Caffeine TV different from other live-streaming platforms is the following.

“Caffeine’s social broadcasting platform is unique in the way that it lets audiences discuss, react and impact outcomes in real-time. Its sheer immediacy enables new ways to bring live content to life and make it interactive for the communities that enjoy it. This represents an opportunity for many types of content, including unscripted TV, to evolve for younger, mobile-first audiences that are looking to engage directly with the content.

And it definitely helps to have a giant like Disney as an investor. The company also recently hired expert TV veterans Tori Socha and Ilia Flagg to serve as Chief Content Officer and as Vice President of Caffeine Studios respectively. Socha previously served as Vice President of Original Series for Paramount Network among years of experience. Flagg also comes to the Caffeine TV table with years of television experience, and was a producer on top network hits like America’s Next Top Model.

In addition to gaming and music livestreams, users can also access plenty of sports content. From Fox Sports live, to ESPN and college sports. Caffeine TV is free to join, but users can buy Caffeine TV credits to send to their favorite creators, who can then in turn cash them out for actual money.

Caffeine TV also has a strict policy against harassment, bullying, and other negative content. If a user has to report a negative incident or has other questions for the Caffeine customer support team, they can submit those requests here.

With high-profile investors, content creators and ambitious streaming goals, Caffeine TV appears to be doing quite well regardless of not having an IPO yet. Will the company have a public offering in the future? Stay tuned at Grit Daily for updates.

Katherine Stinson is an award-winning journalist and Staff Reporter at Grit Daily News, where she covers Texas and Southern states' startup and entrepreneurship news. Based in San Antonio, Texas, she also contributes to ScreenRant, Outlander TV News, and San Antonio Magazine.

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