Here Are The Details For BTS’ Comeback

Published on January 8, 2020

BTS’ comeback season is coming faster than we thought. After yesterday’s huge announcement, Big Hit Entertainment released the comeback schedule for the K-Pop group‘s fourth full-length album, Map of the Soul: 7, and a lot is happening.

The Comeback Map

The company tweeted a timeline of everything to be released between now and the end of February. Because this schedule runs on Korean Standard Time (KST), that means it all starts tomorrow, January 9th.

The usual way a K-Pop comeback goes involves the release of what’s known as a comeback trailer. Usually, trailers take form of a teaser or short music video to set up the album’s theme. In BTS’ case, their comeback trailers feature the first song on each album—the intro.

Furthermore, the schedule tweeted Wednesday shows the comeback for MOTS: 7 split into four phases. The first includes tomorrow’s trailer for “SHADOW,” the release of the first single, and something called “CONNECT, BTS.” As detailed in the schedule, these events will be held worldwide.

The second mentions more “CONNECT, BTS” events but also a second comeback trailer for “EGO.” This plays into some theories that ARMYs made throughout these last months, stating that the MOTS series would be released in three: Persona, Shadow and Ego, only now they serve a different purpose. This, however, is the first time BTS has announced two trailers for one comeback.

The third phase focuses on the album’s concept photos and track list. The final phase, moreover, marks the official release of MOTS: 7 and the music video for its lead single.

The Album Details

On Tuesday evening, the BTS Weverse fan-cafe gave more album details about MOTS: 7. With a typical K-Pop album is included a CD, a photo book—which includes photoshoots that accompany the album—a random photo card of one of the members, and a poster. As you can see, it is different from what we see in albums from Western artists.

For BTS’ new album, it includes all of the above plus a lyric book, mini book, postcard, stickers and coloring paper. They definitely did not hold back this time around.

Additionally, each official BTS social media account changed their layout to match the color scheme of the new album. This marks the official beginning to their new comeback.

For 10 months, ARMYs have patiently waited for new BTS music and it’s finally coming. The comeback is here and we’re ready to dive in head first.

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