Raw Cookie Dough, Anyone? Bro Dough Takes Root Beyond Vegans as Plant-Based Desserts Finally Taste Good

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 8, 2020

Meet Bro Dough, the protein-infused cookie dough you can eat without health risks.

Don’t lie, at some point when you’ve baked cookies or smelt the delight that is raw cookie dough, you’ve had this almost overpowering urge to eat the raw dough. But the problem is that it’s not edible until you bake it. I mean you can definitely digest it, but you risk ingesting salmonella from both the raw eggs and raw flour.

Grit Daily discovered one Bro Dough, a Canadian-based company that makes protein-infused, edible cookie dough…from plants. We spoke with Erica Rankin, former health and fitness competitor and founder and CEO of Bro Dough, which contains less sugar than traditional cookie dough and a fraction of the calories.

Erica Rankin, founder and CEO of Bro Dough

Grit Daily: You have had your own adventures before you started Bro Dough. Share those.

Erica Rankin: In 2015 I decided to take my health more seriously, and prioritize fitness and healthy eating. I have always loved spending time in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes and ingredients, so I started recreating my favorite foods but in a way that would allow me to still reach my goals.

I created an Instagram page to not only keep myself accountable, but to share my recipes with others. Some of these include low-carb muffins, protein cookies, peanut butter cups, even chocolate avocado pudding. I started receiving messages from people asking me if I would ever sell the things I created. I never really thought much of it, and continued creating and posting recipes.

I really just enjoyed sharing my creations, and it was really cool seeing others recreate and share them on their Instagram pages.

GD: How has your passion for fitness found its way as one of the main ingredients for Bro Dough’s success?

ER: I became more immersed in the fitness industry, I competed in two bikini competitions in 2018. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I would often seek out healthier options of my favorite treats; one being cookie dough. We all know cookie dough is not safe to eat raw and it is usually packed full of sugar with minimal protein.

I came to realize the Canadian market does not have a protein infused, healthier, edible cookie dough. So, I thought back to those messages I received on Instagram and thought, “why not make it myself, and sell it?” Lone behold, I created Bro Dough in December, 2019.

GD: For the uninitiated, why bother with plant based dough? 

ER: So Bro Dough is targeted towards those that are seeking out a healthier alternative to traditional cookie dough, or simply looking for a treat that tastes delicious but doesn’t make them sacrifice their health and fitness goals. Because it is marketed as a healthy alternative snack, it would make sense to have higher quality ingredients, as well as plant based ingredients. This widens the consumer window, as vegans will be able to eat our product.

Consumers purchasing this product value that it is plant based; it is a higher quality snack, as it uses turbinado sugar instead of granulated sugar, whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and pea protein instead of whey.

For someone who isn’t concerned with these qualities, or know the difference between our dough and regular cookie dough, they will likely seek out regular edible cookie dough (which is often not vegan, high in sugar, and low in protein).

Plant-based Oreo-cookie dough just happened.

GD: Why does pea protein get all the love?

ER: We use a pea protein isolate because it is 100% vegan. Regular protein powder is made from whey and contains dairy. Many individuals are unable to consume it for that reason, so they seek out other options. There are many vegan protein options on the market, but pea protein is superior because it is a complete protein and contains all of the essential amino acids.

In addition, it is also soy-free and compared to other vegan protein powders, it doesn’t have a strong overpowering taste; nobody wants their cookie dough to taste like protein powder. 

GD: What’s the origin of the “Bro Dough” name?

ER: I played around with different names, but I always came back to Bro Dough. Yes… I am a woman and I created a company called Bro Dough. Because this product is targeted towards those in the fitness industry, I felt the name was appropriate.

The term “bro” in Bro Dough is in regards to a “gym bro” or someone who works out. It is just a fun, catchy name that I wanted consumers to remember. 

GD: What kind of customer does Bro Dough attract?

ER: Bro Dough is targeted to two types of consumers. First, is those in the fitness industry. This is because the product has added protein (plant-based) and many athletes or people who exercise regularly typically purchase similar products like protein bars or protein shakes. 

The second targeted market is individuals who are health conscious/vegan. This specific group is progressively increasing, as many are becoming more and more health conscious and many are also adopting the vegan lifestyle. Bro Dough contains no eggs, dairy, has minimal ingredients and zero artificial sweeteners. It also has half the amount of sugar as regular cookie dough.

This is a healthier snack that many will enjoy because they know what is in it, and they don’t have to sacrifice their diet or health.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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