Britney Spears To Have First Solo Art Exhibition

Published on January 14, 2020

Britney Spears, famous singer and pop culture icon, will display her art at a gallery in France starting this Saturday.

The show is called “Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!!” after an Instagram caption that Spears posted several years ago along with a picture of her painting.

This foray into art comes a year after Spears announced she would be taking a break from music indefinitely to focus on her family amidst her father’s serious illness.

The exhibition coincides with the 21st anniversary of Spears’ hit debut album “Baby One More Time”.

Spears first revealed one of her paintings publicly in 2017. She donated a flower painting to a charity auction to benefit the victims of the Las Vegas shooting that year. That flower painting is now the image that is being used to promote her exhibition.

The gallery hosting the exhibition, Galerie Sympa, is heavily promoting the show, as well as Spears herself on their Instagram.

Interestingly, the gallery also posted a picture that simply says #FreeBritney. #FreeBritney is a fan-led movement that began last year based upon freeing Spears from her conservatorship. Since 2008, Britney Spears’ father has conservatorship of her. In other words, he controls her finances and personal decisions. It’s a very unusual arrangement for a woman who has spent the last decade on tour, producing music, and performing in a Las Vegas residency.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Play!!!!! opens this Saturday, January 18th at the Galerie Sympa in Figeac, France.

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