Brian Podolak, CEO of Vocodia, Talks About Automating Success With DISA

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 1, 2022

The pandemic was terrible, but it sped up development and application of lots of technologies that were available but not attracting the attention of investors or entrepreneurs commensurate with their potential. It was during the pandemic, when it was extra hard to hire and retain sales teams, that the proprietary SaaS solution offered by Vocodia took center stage.

We asked Brian Podolak, CEO of Vocodia, about where the idea for Vocodia came from and what distinguishes its Saas platform.

Grit Daily: What was the inspiration behind Vocodia?

Brian Podolak: Vocodia was born in the pandemic and matured through the great resignation. Now more than ever, we saw the importance of being able to scale a sales team up and down with ease. We wanted to be able to do this digitally, and were convinced that AI could finally replace humans while working in tandem with existing digital marketing and sales products. No one occupied this space, so we decided to build it ourselves, and voila, here we are.

Grit Daily: What differentiates Vocodia’s DISA technology from conventional AI chatbots that people are familiar with?

Brian Podolak: Human-level conversation puts our Digital Intelligent Sales Agents in a league of its own. It automates the least appealing part of sales: dialing prospects, handling objections, and qualifying leads. By personalizing the most arduous part of the sales process, employees can hone in on closings. Those of us who rely on customer service are tired of hearing automated tones like “due to unusually high call volumes” or “please listen to our updated menu of options”  when dealing with companies that lack customer service staff. DISA restores customer service availability at a lower cost to the company, while providing a more streamlined experience to the customer.

Grit Daily: Why is it so important for companies to have a scalable customer support system?

Brian Podolak: It is extremely costly for companies to quickly scale up or down for various campaigns. Going from 10 sales agents to 30 is challenging when you have to hire, train, and properly equip them. With DISA, it’s possible to flip a switch and expand from one agent to 300 in a matter of seconds. Many campaigns require all hands on deck until the very last day, but once they end, so too can the demand for agents. Our technology removes the guesswork and creates a more predictable supply of virtual agents, truly revolutionizing the customer experience.

Grit Daily: Which industries does Vocodia’s DISA technology impact the most? Has this target changed since you started?

Brian Podolak: As far as opportunity and impact, our DISA is optimal for the retail, financial services, telecom, call centers, and insurance industries. These are well-known for being some of the most migration-desperate industries. DISA allows for efficient, cost-effective sales operations. It alleviates consumer pressures and permits healthy growth in these industries and in the economy as a whole.

Grit Daily: Where do you hope to see Vocodia in 10 years? How do you see AI speech technology evolving in the future?

Brian Podolak: Our vision for Vocodia and AI speech technology involves the automation of menial tasks for sales and customer service departments. When consumers’ AI learns buying habits and needs, it is able to serve as an intuitive personal assistant that streamlines business and consumption.

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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