Nintendo Just Announced A Breath of the Wild Sequel

Published on June 11, 2019

Nintendo just announced a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it’s got everyone spiraling out of control. The Japanese gaming developer made the announcement as a last minute surprise on Tuesday afternoon at the E3 convention.

Toward the end of its E3 Nintendo Direct event at E3 on Tuesday, the company played a video for the crowd that slowly unveiled a massive new project: a Breath of the Wild sequel that picks up exactly where the last game left off.

Breath of The Wild

The announcement of the new game is huge for the company, which released Breath of the Wild alongside a new console, the Nintendo Switch, back in 2017. The console, and game, quickly became two of the best selling gaming products of all time. Nintendo has sold around 32 million units of the Nintendo Switch console worldwide, making it one of the most successful consoles in the developers history.

Breath of the Wild, on the other hand, has sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide since its release alongside the Switch. This made the game one of the most successful and well-loved in all of video game history. Now, it’s time for consumers to see a sequel, which picks up right where the last game left off—in Hyrule Castle.

Everything We Know

Nintendo hasn’t released much information about the Breath of the Wild sequel thus far. We can assume that’s because it’s going to be awhile before we can grab a copy in stores. Nintendo’s trailer release on Tuesday shows Link and Zelda deep within Hyrule Castle.

The trailer begins with a dark screen while the glowing, ancient text seen in Breath of the Wild appears on the screen. Then, it shows Link and Zelda walking across a bridge deep within the castle as a [clearly] evil and [clearly] ancient force is awoken. The trailer ends with an earthquake at the center of Hyrule Castle, and fades out to a landscape of the valley with the castle crumbling in the distance.

We don’t know anything about the Breath of the Wild sequel, aside from the fact that it picks up where the last game left off and features some evil, mysterious new dark force that’s potentially worse than the last villain in the story. Watch the video below:

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