The Brains Behind MAC Cosmetics Are Launching A New Beauty Brand

Published on March 1, 2020

In the age of social media, a freshly-minted brand has the potential to reach millions of consumers with just one Instagram post. With beauty being one of Instagram’s largest driving forces, making it as a makeup brand in recent years has become increasingly easier. But before the turn of the 21st century, makeup wasn’t considered to be mass marketable. Even more so, the relatively small space that did exist was dominated by well-established, conglomerate corporations. 

But despite all odds, in 1984, Frank Angelo and photographer at the time, Frank Toskan, took the daring leap. MAC Cosmetics started as a means to remedy Toskan’s professional needs in photography; products he couldn’t find that he needed for shoots, he made himself. What once started in a kitchen in Toronto, Canada over the next four decades became one of the most iconic and innovative beauty brands of all time. 

Now, Toskan has found another gap in the beauty space: sustainably-sourced and packaged products.

Together, Toskan and Victor Casale, a founding partner and the chief chemist of MAC Cosmetics for 15 years, have decided to be the change in the beauty scene and recently announced their new cosmetics line, MOB Beauty.

“We have an opportunity to be at the starting line once again with very little baggage and an opportunity to move fast to make positive change within the industry,” said Toskan and Casale in a Reddit AMA.

The two beauty pioneers say they want to see more accountability and transparency with brands. “Earth deserves better, sustainability isn’t jargon – it’s our future,” their website states in bold lettering.

For consumers, we’ve heard this before from brands. While “clean” beauty has been a buzzword over the past two years, the commonly-used umbrella-term doesn’t require proof of ethically-sourced materials or sustainable packaging. MOB Beauty hopes to redefine this.

“There is no way around the fact that sustainable materials are more expensive as of now,” said Casale. “We all have to share in this, but we refuse to compromise at MOB.”

The cruelty-free brand will offer minimalistic, refillable packaging containing high-performing products designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Along with sustainability as a top priority, MOB Beauty wants to invest in the community both online and offline. “We really want this brand to be by the community for the community,” said Toskan and Casale. 

MOB Beauty has started production in their Toronto labs. At the time of writing, no official launch date has been announced. For those looking to get involved, visit MOB Beauty’s website here.

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