Traveling itself can be a great experience but one of the biggest drawbacks is all the luggage. Even with all of the advancements in the travel industry, packing can be difficult and carrying your things around with you all the time can be a huge burden. On top of that, if you buy a little too much when you’re on your trip you may end up with a whole other piece of luggage to drag home. Luckily, Bounce is looking to lighten your load and let you travel without having to worry about all your stuff. 

What is Bounce?

Bounce is a service that gives travelers short-term luggage storage. On the app (which works on iOS and Android) a user can book a storage location local to them. These locations are available in major cities all over the U.S. like New York, San Diego and D.C. Bounce is expanding to cities like New Orleans and Dallas (although it’s already available in Austin) but it’s not stopping there. The company also wants to get into cities like Vancouver and Glasgow.

One of the best features of Bounce is that everything costs one flat rate. It costs $5.90 per bag per day to keep your hands free. There is a full refund policy and $5,000 of insurance for your things. Plus, the size of the bag doesn’t affect the price. As long as one person can carry the bag, Bounce can store it. Although the service is meant to be used as a short-term solution, travelers can contact Bounce for help with longer-term options.

How it started

Bounce is the brainchild of cofounders Cody Candee and Aleksander Rendtlsev. The two of them have collectively traveled to over 60 countries and lived in a number of different cities. So they’re very aware of how much a person’s things can impact their mobility. In a blog post on the Bounce website, Candee talks about how having too much can become a burden. “We fundamentally believe people spend too much time planning their lives and planning their days around the things that they own.” Since the two don’t own much they were inspired to create something that could make traveling that much easier. 

In that same blog post, Candee talks about how he and Rendtlsev started the company just over a year ago. They built the first prototype in an hour and had the initial product up and running in just a month. And that quick growth hasn’t stopped yet. Candee told Starter Story, “we grew Bounce to over $100k of annualized revenue within the first 7 months of starting the company.”

Grit Daily x Bounce 

Join Grit Daily in San Franciso as we sit down with Bounce. On October 16, Grit Daily News Columnist Sandra Ponce de Leon will be sitting down with Candee and Rendtslev. The three of them will be hosting a mixer at the Bounce Headquarters to talk about the future of the daily storage industry, the future of urban living and traveling. And there will be drinks so be sure to get tickets