It’s finally time to admit it…the feelings wanderlust have overtaken me. Since taking a retreat to Chiang Mai, Thailand (in addition to visiting Chaing Rai and Phuket), I’ve been feeling the pull to join the worldwide community of those who dare to live life as nomads. I started making plans to take the leap and in my search its as if the stars aligned to bring me exactly what I needed.

Chaing Rai Temple.

Just the other day I was pinged by one of my friends who is an airline steward who introduced me to the platform. The kicker is that the app just launched two days ago but has already started is taking off. The Bonjour App is an online community-building platform focused on connecting expats so that taking the huge step of moving away from homeless frightening. Members of the community contribute their experiences through blogs and chat forums in a way that engages those who need the information most. The platform makes it easy to pin down an area of the world to kick off your shoes and fire up your laptop.

I was surprised that I didn’t see that the creators of the app were funded millions of dollars in investors or through crowdfunding because to me, the idea of connecting people for a common purpose is a steal. From tips on travel preparation, insight to connecting and communicating with locals, advise on how to shop for your first expat apartment, to passion-filled stories about trial and error lessons learned abroad, those who are already navigating the world as expats are open about their personal experiences to help the next person along.

Digital nomads, global employees, and those who just want a taste of the great abroad experience are using this platform to form relationships, build their brands as nomads and expats all while enjoying living destination lifestyles. For me, one who is basking in the idea that I’ll be waking up in Cancun, Mexico one day and going to sleep in Bali, Indonesia another is fascinating..but intimidating. The fact that I can connect with people before I decide on where to go make the search much more bearable.

If you’re like me and you hear the shores of Asia calling or the mountains of Tibet beckoning you to come near, do yourself a favor and take a peek at The Bonjour App before you make a move.