Book Window: A Review Of 'The Alchemist'

Published on June 3, 2020

The Alchemist, first released in 1988 by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is a book about secret of happiness and alchemy. Also elected for seven years in a row as New York Times best-seller, it’s a delicious romance to read before zzzz time.

This engaging narrative flows naturally to help you understand the characters clearly. Even if it includes a lot of subjects, a choice by Coelho, you feel like know more about Santiago, the main character, and also about yourself.

With a surprising journey, Coelho wrote this book based on his teachings of alchemy, a subject he studied for eleven years. “Alchemy is a language for your heart, not for reason,” as his master taught him.

The Alchemist is an inspiring, beautiful and motivational book that everybody should read. We are capable of changing our life and perspectives to live each personal journey, like Santiago. The book has philosophy, alchemy, anthropology and a lot of humanity.

Egyptian Pyramids

Santiago is a pastor in Andaluzia, Spain, that dreams about travelling the world. He has the same dream about the same place multiple times and decided to go find that place. The story discusses life, mistery, God, choices, philosofal stone and reasons to live as Santiago. So the story narrates his way throughout the world. Santiago’s in search of the place in his dreams and also presentes the hero’s journey.

Thoughout the narrative, Santiago has a dream about the Egyptian Pyramids and decides to go there, believing it’s a prophecy that calls him to the site. After this, he meets a king and a prophesies to know if (and how) he should find his path to get there, follow his dream and get in Egypt.

Maktub – It’s Written

A word Coelho puts a lot throughout The Alchemist is Maktub — originated by Arabic, the word means “it’s written”. Also, it makes sense because one of the biggest parts of the book is about being loyal to what you believe and feel it’s right, thinking about ideals and dreams.

You can be who you want to be if you understand your choices. This is another lesson that you take from Santiago. It’s also important to think about perspectives and possibilities.

The Alchemist is book that has a power to change lives. It inspires to continue fighting for what we are looking for. This discoveries are shared between us and Santiago because of our ideals and desires as humans are composed by stories.

You can grab a copy of The Alchemist right here.

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