Bojack Horseman Finale Trailer Debuts

Published on January 20, 2020

Netflix has released the trailer for the final episodes of fan favorite, ‘Bojack Horseman‘, which will be released on January 31st.

The animated series captured the hearts of Netflix users with its quick-witted and sardonic humor, its subtle and complex visual gags, and its touchingly accurate portrayal of mental illness and addiction.

Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg struck an incredible balance of those extremes to craft a truly unique viewing experience.

‘Bojack Horseman’ is a Cult Experience

‘Bojack Horseman’ may be the quintessential cult show because the series is a major trip down the rabbit hole. Taking a cartoon with anthropomorphic animals to the emotional and psychological depths that Bob-Waksberg did is a daring pursuit.

However, the restraint given during the writing of the series is what gives its nihilistic sensibilities their punch.

Whether it be through outrageous and cartoonish gags, or through somber and thought provoking melancholy, ‘Bojack Horseman‘ is a masterclass in show-don’t-tell. Bob-Waksberg knew that he had struck lightning in a bottle and made an agreement with Netflix that would give him a heads up when they wanted to go into the final season. This deal allows the show to wrap up its intricate character arcs in neat and powerful fashion.

Bob-Waksberg Crafted a Streaming Series Masterpiece

With the knowledge that season 6 would be the end of the series, Bob-Waksberg set about crafting a finale that would do the show justice. Choosing to split the season into two releases was a bold, yet effective choice. Fans are clamoring for the last batch of episodes so they can finish up this fantastic ride.

As the trailer shows, Season 6 is very emotional and reflective. In a sense, it has to be. When the remaining episodes go up on Netflix on January 31st, there will be laughs and there will be tears. The ending of such a beloved and effective show will always be bittersweet, and fans are eager to see what fate has in store for the titular Bojack Horseman.

If you have not seen the show, I recommend a few bingeing sessions. This is one of the more bingeable series on Netflix and not because of cliffhangers. As the show progresses, the delicacy of the character arcs becomes more apparent.

The ripple effect between characters and plot points is truly astonishing. ‘Bojack Horseman‘ is a series that can and needs to be appreciated as one big art piece.

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