Less than 48 hours after the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was engulfed in flames, plans to rebuild it have already been implemented.

On Tuesday, international blockchain event, BlockShow, powered by CoinTelegraph, announced via Twitter that it launched a fundraising campaign to donate cryptocurrency funds for the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral after it suddenly was engulfed in flames on Monday.

However, the 850-year-old exemplar of French Gothic architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral was already undergoing renovations. Officials have indicated that they believe an electrical issue may have accidentally ignited the fire amid the construction.

As of today, reports indicate that about $1 billion has been promised to help restore the Cathedral.

The BlockShow team posted two digital currency wallet addresses where individuals who are interested in donating, could transfer their donations in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as link to the Foundations Du Patrimoine, which is also raising donations in fiat currencies.

What Is “BlockShow?”

Photo Courtesy of BlockShow, powered by CoinTelegraph


BlockShow, is a major international event for showcasing established blockchain technology solutions. The BlockShow team aspires to showcase the industry’s most groundbreaking solution by bringing businesses, entrepreneurs, and attorneys together with the Blockchain.

Initially, the event didn’t start off as “BlockShow,” rather, it was just a conference in Helsinki back in 2016, which led to subsequent conferences in Munich and Singapore in 2017. In 2018, the team hosted BlockShow in Berlin, followed by BlockShow Americas in Las Vegas.

Its CEO, Addy Crezee, is all about education, but visually.

We don’t want to convince the general public that blockchain isn’t just a fad, we want to show,” Crezee said in a previous interview. Over the past few years, BlockShow has yielded a very diverse turnout—men and women of all ages, demonstrating a sophisticated cross-section of people.

There are lots of smart women, there are lots of smart people of all ages,” Crezee emphasized.

That’s why you can see a diverse crowd. We’re not just inviting women in particular or people under 50, or people over 50, or teenagers. We target the masses. The masses are interested in fintech and blockchain. Coming to BlockShow, you see the communities. It’s diversified.”

GritDaily’s founders, Jordan French and Andrew Rossow, both practicing attorneys, were invited to moderate and speak at BlockShow Europe in 2017 and BlockShow Americas in Las Vegas last year on a number of legal panels about how regulation will begin to impact the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Having maintained a strong and close relationship with the team, GritDaily spoke with Crezee about Tuesday’s announcement to assist with the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Meet Addy Crezee, the CEO of BlockShow

Addy Crezee, CEO of BlockShow

GritDaily: What about the Notre Dame cathedral fire inspired you and BlockShow to start this fundraiser campaign?

Addy Crezee: Our goal was to create a fundraiser to help the Church, showing how cryptocurrency can be used in a good way, providing actual value to individuals—in this case, the Notre Dame community and the Cathedral.

GD: Why do you think this fintech and digital currency space can really make a difference in the everyday affairs of our global community?

AC: Those who continue telling us to donate to something other than the Notre-Dame de Paris, believe we are doing something wrong. Frankly, we don’t care. Support is just support, and if they want to support other initiatives, they are welcome to do so. This is something we believe to be right.

Decentralized technology is border-less. Cryptocurrency is too. Period.

GD: What can you tell us about BlockShow’s fundraising campaign?

AC: It’s a pure cryptocurrency donation campaign. All funds will go to the restoration of the Church. We’ve notified the proper authorities and will send the funds in the most convenient way to them when the campaign comes to a close.

Where Do We Go From Here?

According to Bertrand de Feydeau, vice president of preservation group Fondation du Patrimoine, the Cathedral won’t be rebuilt precisely as it was before.

We don’t, at the moment, have trees on our territory of the size that were cut in the 13th century,” de Feydeau stated to The Associated Press.

Additionally, the level of skill and talent required for the task is immense.

We need to open some 100 places in our carpentry, stone-cutting and roofing sections…[…] with at least 300 more skilled tradesmen also needing training,” Jean-Claude Bellanger, secretary general of Les Compagnons du Devoir, an organization that provides training in manual trades, said to a local newspaper.

There’s no question that cathedrals took more than a century to build in medieval times. Hopefully now, with the technology and resources available, it will not take the lifespan of our world’s leaders to see the reconstruction of the Cathedral.

As for the power of blockchain technology and digital currency, they have slowly over the past few years, started to gradually enter the charity sector.