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Black Nation App Fosters Human Connection Through Technology

Humans are naturally social beings. We have an innate craving to form bonds and connect. Our nation has had a long history of relying on support and teamwork to flourish. However, recent events have been tearing the country apart in the search for racial equality. It is time to come together as a nation to support the black community and strive for equality.

Until now, there has been no app or social feature that has been able to support black-owned businesses while also bringing a community together to support and encourage one another. Black-owned businesses and products are starting to gain more attention. The Black Nation App furthers that idea by bringing individuals together on one platform to support black-owned businesses. The Black Nation App has been bringing citizens of all colors together to support each other and work toward social change.   

Development with Community Building Focus

Black Nation App is a social media app and black-owned business directory developed by entrepreneur Rameish Budhoo. Budhoo was born in Jamaica and came to the US at a very early age. He has always had a love for his community. That love has propelled him to be a self- taught entrepreneur who is now laying the groundwork for social change. 

Budhoo’s app is unique in its social features and ability to support local black-owned businesses through recognition, giveaways, and freebies. Black Nation gives businesses a free platform to market and promote their products and services. You can browse multiple categories depending on what you are looking for, including apparel, beauty, fitness, medical, hospitality, and more.

A “get featured” category in the app allows businesses to be highlighted to increase brand awareness. Through the app, owners, as well as influencers, can design personal giveaways. Everyone loves a freebie!

A user can earn black gold on the app by interacting and following other members in the community. That gold is then used to enter into giveaways. Black Nation App also spreads the love by randomly giving away prizes such as free $25 for lunch to users. This unique platform that promotes black-owned businesses brings users together, even more, to connect and thrive.

Black Nation Encourages Social Connection

Above all, the social aspect of the Black Nation App is what makes it so different from other app platforms. Black Nation App offers a creative alternative to other social media sites. It is a welcoming and safe environment to share real thoughts and feelings without being silenced. Therefore, users feel more comfortable connecting and promoting local businesses.

You can follow friends and family in the app, share stories, or give your favorite business and product recommendations. By liking or commenting on posts, you can earn black gold. If users do not want to enter the giveaways with their gold, they can share the love with family and friends by donating their gold to others. Black Nation App is inclusive of all races and identities. Anyone can join the community to come together to support black-owned businesses.

Connection and Community

You cannot diminish the light of the human spirit. Community is what brings us together to make a change. Anything is possible through human connection. 

Claiming that we should be “color-blind” only leads to a blissfully ignorant society. The fact is, there is a problem, and we need to work together to solve it. Black Nation App brings that problem into the light and connects people to support each other to work toward a future of true equality.

To become a part of Black Nation today, you can visit to download the app or follow the community on Instagram at