Bizay Secures $19.8M to Revolutionize the Custom Products Industry in the U.S.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 22, 2023

In a significant move that marks a new chapter in the massive custom products industry, Lisbon-based Bizay has announced a $19.8 million Series C2 funding round. This latest financial injection, spearheaded by Indico Capital Partners, with support from Iberis and Lince, is set to propel Bizay’s innovative platform into the vibrant and competitive U.S. market.

The custom product industry, a sprawling $850B+ sector, remains largely fragmented and offline. Bizay’s strategic vision to digitize this legacy market through its global operating and supply chain system for product customization is an industry revolution. With a catalog boasting over 50,000 products across various categories, Bizay promises innovation in an industry ripe for digital transformation.

At the heart of Bizay’s operations is its unique batching technology, which is not just a logistical marvel but a cost-saving powerhouse, offering more than 50% in savings to customers. This efficiency is a game-changer, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and brands seeking professional-quality custom products like merchandising, packaging, and apparel at a fraction of traditional costs.

José Salgado, Bizay’s Chief Growth Officer, reflects on the company’s journey: “We have come a long way. We have built a software and platform that have proven results. We are happy that Indico and other investors back our ambition for a global footprint.” This sentiment echoes the confidence and ambition driving Bizay’s team, a blend of technological prowess and market savvy.

Stephan Morais, Managing General Partner at Indico Capital Partners, praised Bizay’s scale and reach, particularly in supply chain partnerships and agreements across Europe and South America. Morais expressed strong belief in Bizay’s potential to replicate this success in the U.S. market, further backing the team’s strategic expansion plans.

To date, Bizay’s total fundraising exceeds $79.3 million, a testament to its capital efficiency and market reach. Prior to this, the company secured $35.2 million in a Series C financing round from various national and international investors. This financial journey underscores Bizay’s growth trajectory and its ability to leverage funding for strategic expansion and product development.

Bizay’s asset-light, technology-driven approach has facilitated over 5 million customized orders across Europe and the Americas. This success is not just in numbers but represents a commitment to empowering brands and SMBs, a cornerstone of Bizay’s mission.

As Bizay steps into the U.S. market, it carries with it a vision to transform the custom products landscape. This move isn’t just about business growth but about setting a new standard in an industry that’s at the cusp of a digital revolution. For customers, this means more choices, better prices, and a seamless customization experience. For the industry, it signals a shift towards a more connected, efficient, and customer-centric future.

Bizay’s journey is more than just a business expansion. It’s a narrative of innovation, efficiency, and empowerment. As they embark on their U.S. adventure, the potential to redefine the custom products landscape is immense. With its pioneering spirit and a track record of success, Bizay is not just entering a new market but setting the stage for a new era in the custom products industry.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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