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These Are the Best Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is here, and we’ve been cooped up for nearly a year. But tech isn’t stopping, and neither is love. It’s just adapting.

“The first ever all-virtual CES this year showed us that experiences we used to go out for as couples, like a spa experience or the movie theater, are undergoing redesigns to fit in our homes,” says Digital Trends Managing Editor Nick Mokey.

As a case in point, Mokey points to the Kohler Stillness Bath, an infinity pool for your bathroom that’s outfitted with a fog machine to recreate a “Japanese forest bathing” vibe. Sadly, the $16,000 luxury bathtub isn’t on the market quite yet, but you can start saving for next V-Day.

But this Valentine’s Day still has gift options aplenty. Here are some of the best tech gifts for your shelter-in-place partner.

Tickets, Please!

The Hisense 100L10E Ultra Short Throw Projector is a user-friendly all-in-one home theater, without all the messy cables and mounting headaches. The tidy projector sits on the floor or a cabinet under your wall or screen, creating a sharp, 4K HDR theater-sized display. The device is complete with built-in speakers and a subwoofer, and doubles as a smart TV connecting you to Netflix, Hulu, et al., so you really don’t need any accessories to fire it up and enjoy a flick.

The price point for Hisense’s projector is around double what you’d pay for a conventional TV, but for those looking to make regular movie nights look, feel and sound more like trips to the movies, it’s a surefire family bringer-together or the perfect year’s worth of date nights in a box. The only thing missing is an usher with a flashlight to scold you for sneaking in snacks.

Say it With Sea Turtles

Jewelry is a Valentine’s Day classic, and this one comes with a twist: a direct digital window into the movements of rescued wildlife. An elephant or sea turtle bracelet from Wildlife Collections also comes with exclusive access to a user dashboard that uses tracking software so you can see what your adopted animal is up to roaming around somewhere out there in the wild. 

The folks at Wildlife Collections have partnered with the Orca Research Trust, the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and Save the Elephants to put people in touch with the animals their dollars are directly supporting. For the animal lover in your life, this one’s a guaranteed smile.

Music, the Language of Love

If music is your love’s other love and they have an analog edge, the perfect solution is here. The Crosley C6 turntable is a simple, gorgeously designed platform to support a growing record collection, or to encourage someone to start one. It’s got RCA plugs on the back for speakers, a built-in amp in case you don’t already have one, and that pretty much means you’re ready to go. Just add vinyl.

If your beloved audiophile swears by digital, however, there’s another way to go. The JBL Flip 5 portable Bluetooth speaker has a robust sound, charges fast via USB, and is painfully easy to use. Most importantly, it’s weatherproof. That means Leonard Cohen is coming with you to your sunset beach picnic. It means you can serenade your sweetheart with a Buffy St. Marie ballad by campfire light, with a backdrop of wind in the pines. It means, in short, your playlist is coming with you, no matter where you’re going.

Mindful Warrior Wellness Subscriptions

Our year of staying in hasn’t been easy on us, least of all on those who love fitness. For the go-getter in your life, P.volve offers a slate of transformative workout programs based on resistance bands, low impact exercises, and short time brackets. Shape Magazine called it the best home workout they’ve found during the pandemic.

For a more holistic approach, one that targets food habits, the app Noom is a supportive tool that will help with monitoring what you’re eating, tracking your weight, and making dietary decisions that are conscious, empowered, and informed.

To make better use of extra downtime indoors, a subscription to Headspace will do wonders for clearing out the clouds of anxious, frazzled thoughts and bring your Valentine back into the present moment. All three of these subscriptions in combination, and you’re likely to come out of the pandemic as a radiant warrior-priestess.

As this will be our first, and hopefully last, Valentine’s Day in pandemic conditions, make it one for your tech lover to smile back upon.

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