Best Raven Tools Alternatives (in 2023)

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Published on May 9, 2023

If you’re in search of SEO software to help your site rank, you might be looking at Raven Tools, a suite of tools to optimize your site for search and increase traffic. Raven includes functionality for site audits, backlink analysis, search rank tracking, keyword research and more. 

However, Raven Tools doesn’t offer a free version. Many users also find it difficult to master the learning curve to fully utilize its various functionality. With five paid plan levels ranging from $50 to $480 per month, you might find Raven Tools outside of your budget.

Here are the seven top Raven Tools alternatives to boost your site’s SEO. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our quick picks for the best Raven Tools alternatives for 2023:


Moz Pro is a comprehensive SEO platform that offers a number of tools for site SEO, including site auditing, keyword research, link building, and more. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, it is an ideal choice for beginners looking to learn about SEO. Even seasoned SEO experts and companies can benefit from Moz Pro’s tiered plans, which offer various advanced features and a free trial.

Additionally, the platform offers site audit tools that help evaluate the performance of your content. By paying annually, you can get a 20% discount on one of Moz’s tiered plans, including the “medium” plan. This software is popular, but sometimes proves to be a little more than what some entrepreneurs need.

  • Moz Pro remains exceptionally popular with businesses of all sizes.
  • Most users agree the service offers an impressive array of individual tools to address a wide variety of specific tasks. 
  • Breadth of offerings can be overwhelming to many users, who may want an alternative that’s simpler to use.
  • Smaller businesses may find suite of tools to be overkill.
  • With monthly prices ranging from $99 to $599, many users find it to be cost-prohibitive with a less-than-impressive value proposition.
  • Moz Pro does offer a free plan but users will only gain access to certain features.
  • A steep learning curve can prevent many users from maximizing use of tools. 

Semrush is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools that provides a comprehensive solution for keyword research, competitor analysis, site auditing, and backlink analysis.

One key advantage of Semrush over many others is that it gives a detailed analysis of how many backlinks you need to build to rank for a specific keyword. However, while many Raven Tools alternatives offer ranking data for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Search engines, Semrush focuses exclusively on Google data.

Semrush provides a range of social media analysis tools, including content optimization, management, and performance analysis, giving marketers an edge. Semrush offers a free trial and a free version with limited features, as well as three paid plans.

  • Comprehensive suite of several unique tools
  • Gives number of incoming links needed to build a specific page to rank competitively for a specific key phrase
  • Offers a free trial, free version and 3 paid plans
  • Semrush free plan only provides access to limited features
  • Only gives users access to Google data in its rank tracking, whereas other tools give access to other search engines

3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a popular choice and provides access to keyword research, competitor analysis, site audits and backlink analysis, among others tools.

With Ahrefs, you can perform comprehensive site audits to determine top ranking keywords, performance metrics, backlinks, anchor text, and domain performance. It also lets you search for competitive domains. Ahrefs provides an intuitive set of navigation tools, as well as access to a sizable amount of domain data, such as traffic and changes over time. You can choose from four paid plans, from $99 to $999 per month. If you pay annually, you can get two free months. 

Ahrefs doesn’t offer a free trial so that prospective users can evaluate it for their needs. Many users find the pricing plan somewhat complex or confusing. Finally, the site’s limitations on its data reports may be somewhat restricted compared to other providers. 

  • site audits determine top ranking keywords, performance metrics, backlinks, anchor text, and domain performance
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Tracks domain ranking changes over time
  • 4 paid plans, 2 free months with annual payment
  • No free trial
  • Pricing plan can be complex
  • limitations on data reports more restricted than competitors

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a backlink analysis tool that yields information on backlinks, anchor text, and referring domains. If you’re looking for backlink analysis, Majestic SEO is an excellent choice among the many Raven Tools alternatives. Although it might be limited in its scope, it is exceptionally good at what it does. You can use it to help build incoming link, analyze current backlinks, compare your site with competitive domains, and track other relevant metrics such as referring domains and anchor texts. 

Compared to Raven Tools, which offers a full suite of tools to manage SEO, Majestic is definitely aimed at a much narrower market. There is no free version or free trial offer. Instead, you can choose from among three paid plans, ranging from about $50 to $400 per month. 

  • More limited in scope than other Raven Tools alternatives
  • helps build backlinks, compares your site with competitive domains
  • Tracks referring domains and anchor text
  • No free version
  • Aimed at a more narrow market

SEO Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is a suite of four distinct tools designed to provide a comprehensive solution for growing site traffic. It offers four separate tools to address individual concerns, including technical site issues, SERPs tracking, link building, and outreach campaigns. You’ll gain access to keyword analysis, local SEO, mobile optimization, and more. 

Some users report dissatisfaction with the user interface design. If you require a web-based application, you’ll want to look elsewhere as PowerSuite is a desktop application. That can also require some local power; if your computer’s specs aren’t up to the apps’ needs, specific tasks can take additional time. 

  • 4 separate tools that address technical site issues, SERPs, links and outreach
  • Offers keyword analysis, local SEO and mobile optimization
  • Some dislike user interface
  • Desktop app only
  • Specific tasks may be hard for slower computers to run


BrightLocal also offers a more targeted collection of functions that manage local business site listings and search rankings. 

Much like Majestic, BrightLocal aims at a very specific corner of the SEO market: local SEO and tools for brand reputation management. It offers access to Google business profile audit reports and local SEO tools. You can explore the site’s functionality with a free two-week trial that’s fully featured. In addition to three paid subscription levels with reasonable rates ranging from $35 to $90 per month, you can also pay as you go to gain access to the Citation Builder tools alone. 

Some users report that some BrightLocal tasks complete very slowly compared to other alternatives. A rapidly increasing user base also tasks customer service responsiveness as well as site functions on occasion. You may also find some significant limitations on the use of the site’s LeadGen widget. 

 Sign up to BrightLocal today for a 14-day free trial.

  • Tools for both reputation management and local SEO
  • Access to Google business profile audit reports
  • Rates considered reasonable
  • Some report that tools run slowly compared to others
  • Too many users makes customer service hard not as responsive
  • LeadGen widget has usage limitations


SpyFu provides tools to analyze your competitors, helping you understand what your competitors are doing with their sites and digital marketing efforts. 

If you’re looking to get a leg up on your competitor’s website, SpyFu may be the right option for you. You can use it to get insights on their SEO strategies, paid search activity, and more. You’ll also find attractive graphic representation of data. While there’s no free version, pricing is fairly competitive, ranging from $39 to $299 per month, when paid monthly, or $16 to $149 per month when paid annually. 

Some users report experiencing some difficulty in exporting data in graphic format. In addition, some users may find the pricing excessive considering the breadth of its tools. Finally, the UI may strike some users as unnecessarily complex and confusing. 

  • Insights on competitor SEO and paid search activity
  • Attractive graphic representation of data
  • Competitive pricing
  • No free version
  • Some users report difficulty in exporting data in graphic format
  • UI considered too complex by some
  • Pricing may get too high for what it offers

The Bottom Line about Raven Tools Alternatives

In uncertain economic times, business and website owners need to utilize a full range of tools to ensure continued success. If you’re a site owner looking for a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your SEO, but Raven Tools isn’t exactly what you need, you can find other alternatives with strong reputations and a broad range of tools to help you improve your site’s performance.

Don’t forget to look for either a trial period or affordable terms to test your choice thoroughly before making a final decision on these Raven Tools alternatives. 

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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