The Best Face Masks to Treat Yourself With While You’re Stuck At Home

Published on March 21, 2020

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m not usually that into face masks. I love them when I remember to do them, but I don’t normally have the time. It just doesn’t cross my mind that often. That is until I would up under a shelter-in-place order.

Now I can’t get enough of them. I work with a face mask on. I clean with a face mask on. I have a face mask on right now. It’s an easy, soothing thing that makes quarantine feel a little more like a spa. Here are some of my favorite face masks adding a little bit of pampering to this otherwise miserable situation.

Expensive But Worth It

Mudmasky face masks are the gold standard of face masks. Admittedly, they’re pricey, but they’re pricey for a reason. I’m all about simple skincare without added chemicals, and Mudmasky is all-natural, pH balanced, and formulated without harsh chemicals.

Two of the best Mudmasky masks are the Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask and Leave-Me-On Winter Mask. They’re really different formulas, but both leave the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The detoxing mask is more clarifying, while the winter mask is super hydrating.

Another great and unique Mudmasky product is the Aftermask Vitamin Serum. This is super great for sensitive skin, and making sure your face is nourished and moisturized especially after using any detoxing or clarifying mud mask that might be a little drying. I used to be afraid of using face masks because I worried they would irritate my skin and do more harm than good, but this product completely eliminates that fear.

Easy and Affordable

If you’re not into the messiness of spreading a mask out of a tube on to your face, and who can blame you, sheet masks are just as relaxing. There are tons of sheet masks out there, and most of them in a much more affordable price range. The best sheet masks out there are Biobelle Cosmetics masks. They’re cruelty-free, made out of fruit, and never cause irritation. My favorite is the hydrating #VitaminSea masks or the #beautyscoop avocado and collagen mask. They’re fast, easy, relatively inexpensive, and will make your skin feel so soft.

The Cult-Favorite That Works, With A Catch

If you’ve ever read about face masks before, you know about this one. It’s all over the internet, all the time. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is $9.95 for a huge container that will last forever. There’s a reason people like this. It really will clear your skin if you combine it with apple cider vinegar as the package recommends. The problem is it’s super drying if you don’t moisturize like crazy afterward, and it can be very irritating if left on too long.

That’s why I always use this one with the Aftermask from Mudmasky or Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask. The extra hydration from these products always gets rid of the irritation and dryness from the clay mask.

Go forth and treat yourself with some nice face masks. Pretend like you’re in a spa for ten minutes. You deserve it.

Olivia Smith is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in San Francisco, she covers events, entertainment, fashion, and technology. She also serves as a Voices contributor at PopSugar.

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