Bella Thorne Creates Her Own Cannabis Brand

Published on March 27, 2020

Actress, singer, and director Bella Thorne is getting in on the cannabis game. The co-star of The Duff and The Babysitter for a while now has been a strong advocate for cannabis. She’s made her love of bud no secret. Now, Thorne & Company has started her own cannabis brand, called Forbidden Flowers.

Forbidden Flowers

Thorne has joined forces with Glass House Group on creating sun-grown cannabis products. In a press release, Thorne said because of cannabis she’s been able to get her anxiety under control: 

“I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and weed was the one source I found for me to do the most healing,” she said. “Because of the properties in weed, I have been able to cope with my anxiety in a natural way.”

Thorne and Glass House Group are all about the flower. They’re selling indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers as single pre-rolls and packs. All of the cannabis is born and bred in Santa Barbara. 


Glass House Group says their cannabis is grown in the most state-of-the-art facility. The flowers are grown outside, not inside. There’s a difference in quality there. As Glass House Group’s president, Graham Farrar, told High Times, it’s an Earth-friendly approach to growing: 

“Bella’s entire product line has been cultivated at our sun-powered, state-of-the-art facility in California using the same high-quality control and earth-friendly approach we are known and respected for. We brought some genetics that we grew specifically for Bella for this launch, and we’re confident that both our long-time customers and new consumers are going to love these new product lines.” 

According to Thorne, outdoor flower is the way to go: 

“I’ve been invited to a lot of grows, so I know what I like. I like outdoor flower. There’s something about indoor, maybe the recycled air, that hurts my throat. As soon as I got to Glass House, I saw the farm and said, ‘Oh shit, this is my place!”

Glass House Group believes Forbidden Flowers is a “sexy, enticing, high-quality brand that embodies her captivating spirit.” Sexy is certainly one way to describe cannabis. 

CBD in the Future

Forbidden Flowers will soon produce CBD products as well. Right now, Forbidden Flowers is only available in stories in California. With the company, Thorne wants to help spread some positivity to her signifiant online following: 

“I want to put CBD in my makeup line, I want to put CBD in my skincare—I’m a really big believer in the marijuana plant. This younger generation needs another [one of their peers] explaining the benefits. If you’re going to do it, do it right.”

If she doesn’t mind saying so herself, her Forbidden Flowers does the trick:

“When I left the farm after I first smoked it, I felt euphoric…. I was in the car, and I had my head all the way out the window – I like to do that – and I just felt so happy… I don’t know, I don’t feel that way all the time. Happiness comes and it goes, you know? But this weed—it literally makes you feel lighter on your feet, calmer in your decision making.”

Good on Thorne 

Thorne has been in front of the camera before she was a one-year-old and went on to become a Disney kid, but in the last few years, she’s built a completely different image for herself. She directed a porno, for one thing, which actually gained some notable accolades and acclaim. Any artist that goes to the beat of their own drum, good on them. Anybody interested in giving Forbidden Flowers a try, it’s available at select dispensaries in the state of California. Every Thursday until November, Forbidden Flowers will announce on their instagram page which dispensary is selling their brand.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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