Beegol Partners With Nimble This to Provide Full Broadband Network Intelligence and Diagnostics to Reduce Wasted OpEx Spend

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Published on March 7, 2023

The combined technologies of the new partners will significantly reduce the cost of pinpointing and diagnosing intermittent issues that reduce broadband quality, including all aspects of cable networks’ physical layers

Beegol Corp., a global software innovator that uses sophisticated machine learning and telemetry to automatically detect, diagnose, geolocate, and self-heal broadband and Wi-Fi networks, today announced it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Nimble This, which develops and sells DOCSIS-based Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) applications for the cable industry.

For the first time, the technologies of the two companies will be combined to provide broadband operators with a full view of all aspects of their networks – including the access, applications, physical, and transport layers – in near real-time. This will allow issues impacting connectivity quality and customer experience to be addressed more rapidly and accurately using advanced machine learning, telemetry, and business intelligence.

“The combination of Beegol and Nimble This is the only way in the world today for cable providers to have a 360-degree view across their end-to-end broadband networks with multiple layers of intelligence and visual BI dashboards that can pinpoint issues, help automatically diagnose them in minutes, and provide a single ‘source of truth’ across operators’ teams, including customer service, field technicians, and operations executives,” said Gilberto Mayor, Beegol CEO, chief scientist, and co-founder.

Beegol and Nimble This have already worked together for several years. This new strategic partnership agreement has deepened their commitment to co-develop new applications, share their engineering resources, and co-sell their combined solutions to tier-1 and tier-2 operators, with an initial focus on broadband cable providers based in the Americas. 

Combined, 360-Degree Intelligence for Operators’ Technicians and the C-Suite

The PNM platform from Nimble This and accompanying app have become standard tools for cable operators to use when dispatching technicians.

Cable operators use the PNM platform from Nimble to quickly determine if the impairment is in the outside plant or in the subscriber’s premise, which enables more efficient field force management and a faster resolution to subscriber impairments. Technicians can easily use the Nimble This app or platform to determine the impairment type and resolve it effectively, which saves time and money.

The Nimble This platform uses custom-developed algorithms and machine learning to detect, identify, and localize impairments before they affect operations or subscriber quality of experience (QoE). By reducing troubleshooting and increasing subscriber QoE, operators can significantly reduce their OpEx costs, which are reflected in management KPIs and reports within the Nimble This platform.

“By combining Beegol’s advanced machine learning, telemetry, and our immediate diagnostics across entire networks with Nimble This’ sophisticated PNM capabilities to understand where physical network issues are located, operators can now get a full view of what’s happening from the subscriber to the network operations center,” said Charles Hong, Beegol CSO and co-founder. “We can quickly diagnose and geo-locate if there’s a physical issue like a loose cable connection or downed power lines, or inform the operator of issues in the network elements such as nodes, or CMTS which require them to make a repair or plan for increased capacity. ”

End Game: Reduce Time Spent on Truck Rolls while Boosting Experience and Satisfaction 

“This is a major breakthrough for cable operators because often a subscriber will call having problems with their cable modem, and the customer service representative is not able to remotely diagnose the issue and will dispatch a technician to the subscriber’s location when the problem is actually outside the plant,” said Brady Volpe, founder of Nimble This and founder and president of The Volpe Firm. “One of our big goals is reducing unnecessary truck rolls altogether, or at least decreasing the amount of time spent during them. We send cable operators’ technicians to the right place with the right information at the right time.”

Roughly 80-90 percent of subscriber issues actually occur in customers’ homes or the drop-down to the subscriber’s location, according to Volpe. These intermittent issues frustrate operators and customers alike and are often caused by a physical issue, such as a loose cable connection on a subscribers’ modem or a coax cable that loosens in the wind or comes off the pole.

“In these cases, the signals going into the home to the subscriber’s modem can go up and down as the cable connector becomes tighter or get looser – for instance, when it’s being blown by heavy winds,” said Volpe. “Without the insights we provide, some technicians will simply replace the modem – but only in a tiny fraction of the time, less than one percent, is the cable modem actually faulty. So, the cable operator pays for a new modem that’s not needed, the subscriber’s issue is not fixed, and another truck roll happens. With the combined real-time access across all layers of cable networks, machine learning, telemetry, and visual BI tools that Beegol and Nimble This bring, there’s a lot of upside for operators.”

Beegol is a global software company that uses advanced telemetry and sophisticated machine learning to automatically detect network issues across end-to-end broadband networks, rapidly diagnose, geolocate, and communicate network problems, and even self-heal broadband and Wi-Fi networks before end-customers are even aware of certain issues. Beegol’s chipset firmware is integrated into most network servers and Wi-Fi modems. The company’s telemetry agent is integrated with RDK, the leading provider of open-source software for service providers, to improve network reliability and customer experience, reduce operational costs, and drive better business results.

Nimble This, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the cable industry, offers the PNM (Proactive Network Maintenance) platform and app, a comprehensive tool that enables service providers to proactively maintain and troubleshoot their networks. By collecting and analyzing various types of data, such as geospatial references, topology, and subscriber information, the PNM solution can detect, identify, and localize issues before they cause service interruptions, improving subscriber satisfaction. Custom-developed algorithms and machine learning algorithms ensure efficient impairment resolution, leading to fewer service calls and improved network reliability. The use of the DOCSIS standard, powered by CableLabs, ensures that the solution is reliable and compatible with various cable modems and CMTSs, making it a valuable asset for service providers seeking to reduce OpEx while maintaining a high level of network performance and subscriber satisfaction.

The company is committed to its mission of helping cable operators stay ahead of the competition by developing cutting-edge technology that improves the subscriber experience and reduces operational costs.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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