Banzai, Marketing Automation Giant, Acquires Leading Webinar Platform Demio

By Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 10, 2021

Banzai, a SaaS company that offers leading marketing automation software for in person, virtual and hybrid events, has announced its acquisition of Demio, a top-rated webinar platform. Grit Daily caught up with Banzai co-founder Joe Davy to better understand what the acquisition means for the future of the company.

A lot of meetings that had to move online saved companies hefty travel costs. The phrase, “that could have been an e-mail,” has become a part of thousands of memes. People still crave interaction, but personal safety and health are front and center, and the move to virtual interaction has caused millions to crave easy-to-use online tools to streamline the experience. “What we’re doing is taking the top rated webinar product in the market and putting it in the hands of one of the best sales and marketing leaders out there and I think it’s just a really natural fit,” says Davy.  

He explains, “Just about every webinar product in the world is an afterthought add-on feature of a meeting product like Zoom or WebX or GoToMeeting. The Demio founders basically set out to build beautiful easy to use webinar experience that was dedicated to webinars – that was the primary focus.” Davy considers the webinar market as an inevitable part of how businesses educate their customers, even after the pandemic. The webinar market is stable and will only continue to grow.

Banzai helps its clients make sense of their large databases of contacts to understand whom to invite to events, and sends confirmations and reminders to ensure greater participation. Davy says, “We’re already the marketing automation engine – [the acquisition] allows us to be the venue, too.” Banzai started off working with tech companies but they have expanded into the healthcare, insurance and financial services sectors.

During the pandemic, as so many events have moved online, and users have harped about “Zoom fatigue,” companies offering virtual solutions have had to up their game, promising experiences that will keep participants engaged and able to interact seamlessly.

A major selling point of Demio is that it doesn’t require any software downloads – users can join using the cloud. The platform has been described as stable, reliable, and simple. It allows hosts to brand their webinars and give presentations without having to leave the room, as well as to poll the audience, track attendees, demonstrate products, etc. Banzai plans to keep Demio’s existing team in place and expand by investing to help grow the business.

Customers who have hosted lackluster webinars during the pandemic may appreciate that in one place they can now target the best potential participants, market to them, confirm their attendance, and host them on interactive webinar platform. Capterra rated Demio in their Top 20 webinar platforms of 2021. The acquisition seems like a boon for both Banzai and Demio, who can take more of the webinar market together as a united force offering one-stop-shop solutions for businesses looking to host major online events.

By Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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