Thomas Katakis

Thomas Katakis is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He is a top executive with a track record in empowering businesses to achieve exponential growth and leading multidisciplinary teams at five blue-chip companies. Thomas’ column will be a collection of powerful leadership lessons inspired by human history. He is currently lost in translation as he is located between the United Kingdom and Greece.

History Funnel: Does Richer mean Happier?

The notion of a modest life that fulfills both heart and spirit rather than personal wealth and ambition is perceived as a relatively new one. But this is something that was tapped many centuries ago in ancient China, India, and Greece. Is there a definitive answer to the polarizing question? Solon and Croesus debate over happiness Croesus was a great king in 560 BC who ruled the land of Lydia, which is the northwest coast of today’s Turkey. This mighty king was truly in love with his riches...

History Funnel: Endgame of an Empire

Sometimes leadership is a vague notion. How can a leader change the game if he doesn’t have the right resources to do so? Gylippus, an unexpected hero, managed to land an epic victory bringing the Athenian Empire on its knees and made the battles presented in Game of Thrones pale in comparison to this historic clash. The Revival of the War In 415 BC, the Athenians and Spartans established a fragile peace and took a break from the Peloponnesian War. In Athens, the debate raged – some...

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