Suzanne Deffree

Suzanne Deffree is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is the Brand Director of Intelligent Systems & Design at Informa Markets, a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B events and exhibitions organizer in the world. Deffree oversees the growth and strategy for events within Informa Markets' Advanced Manufacturing Group including Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, Embedded Systems Conference, Design & Manufacturing Minneapolis, DesignCon, Drive World Conference & Expo, and Pacific Design & Manufacturing.

Who Will Win the War of Tomorrow? Look to the Advances in Robotics and AI.

Warfare has dramatically evolved from stone-throwing to the atomic bomb. However, we are in the midst of a monumental shift in how future wars may be fought through the application of AI and robotics.  Many see these advanced technologies as a natural evolution of warfare. As the military integrates such technology to weapons, we see more autonomous and unmanned combat systems that, not only will keep soldiers safer, but will reduce non-combatant casualties due to reduced human error and...

Contrary to Recent Headlines, Self-Driving Cars Won’t Kill the Aviation Industry

Self-driving cars are coming. Maybe not in the next five years — or even ten — but likely in the lifetime of many of those reading this article, making for a very exciting period in tech. Already, automakers from Tesla to Ford have invested billions of dollars in autonomous vehicle technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), sensors, and more. Just as the integration of these technologies into computers and phones have led to lightning-speed...

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