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Simon Francis is a contributing writer at Grit Daily. Based in the United Kingdom, Francis covers news from the U.K. each week. To let him know about your good news email him at

Can social enterprises really solve the “returning prisoner” dilemma?

While nothing will ever repay the victims of crime, ensuring prisoners don’t go back to a life of crime after release should surely be the objective of the prison system. Locking people up and forgetting about them is an inhumane and ultimately fruitless pursuit with re-offending rates still far too high. In the UK, many prison reformers are now turning to social enterprises and charities to work out innovative new ways of ensuring prisoners don’t re-offend. For example, one...

British pensioners join entrepreneurial fray with latest app launches

Far from retiring to a life of gardening and card games, pensioners in Britain are increasingly taking action to make the world a better place. An army of older people and those living with disabilities are stepping up to help make the UK a bit more accessible. A new app — See Around Britain — has been launched to map out the most accessible shops, cultural attractions and other public places in the UK and Europe to the disabled and elderly. The charity behind the app has come a...

Will “people power” save the United Kingdom?

The impact of the United Kingdom’s crooked 2016 referendum to leave the European Union is fast unravelling as “Brexit” looms, but there’s a chance that “people power” could just save the country from an uncertain future. Firstly, the legitimacy of the referendum is being questioned. Investigations have uncovered foreign interference in the campaign. The lies of the “Leave” campaigners have resulted in the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson...

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