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Simon Francis is a contributing writer at Grit Daily. Based in the United Kingdom, Francis covers news from the U.K. each week. To let him know about your good news email him at

Social enterprise league table sees America tumble down rankings

A new study by the Thompson Reuters Foundation has revealed the best and worst places in the world to be a social enterprise. Social enterprises are companies that generate profits, but use these to help local communities, such as employing those with disabilities or supporting those in need. Canada, Australia, France, Belgium and Singapore topped the chart with Mexico propping up the league table of developed nations. Social enterprises in countries at the top of the list cited government...

The social-enterprise reality of Ethiopia

Social enterprise is increasingly capturing the imagination across Africa and around the world, with Ethiopia one of the countries leading the way, according to a report. The report reveals that there are an estimated 55,000 social enterprises in the country. Its capital, Addis Ababa, will host the 2019 Social Enterprise World Forum in October. Social enterprises are firms that deliver a positive social change and re-invest profits into furthering their good work. Following the success of the...

Has Rainbow Capitalism taken over Pride?

Pride Month is nearly over, but from LGBT+ banks to rainbow mouth wash, brands will be hoping that their rainbow capitalism and use of LGBT+ symbols will have an impact on sales. Pridewashing is a thing But with allegations of Pridewash abound, will this outbreak of rainbows have the desired effect? Marketing experts Reboot Online examined 122 companies of varying sizes to see what LGBT+ related marketing they were doing and if this was genuine support for LGBT causes or merely Pridewash. Of...

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