Sophia Chartrand

Sophia Chartrand is a Social Media Intern at Grit Daily. She is a writer, traveler, and animal love who loves taking things one day at a time.

Bob Marley: Legacy Documentary Series Honors The Beloved Posthumous Musician

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Bob Marley has his name marked in this world. Not only did he recognize and share reggae around the globe, but he also brought individuals together to promote a peaceful state of mind. His legacy will now continue to live on, as his 75th birthday celebration consists of a brand new 12-part mini-documentary series, Legacy.  The Legacy series came out with its first episode on Friday, February 28th. The series includes a collection of intimate...

The Slow Rush Showcases Kevin Parker’s Life While Channeling Other Messages For Listeners

Last Friday, February 14th, the psychedelic music collective, Tame Impala released its stunningly pure album The Slow Rush. The album is ring-leader, Kevin Parker’s creation and story about the unending cycle of life.  Each song on the record aligns with Parker’s psychedelic diary. They all highlight the synchronicities of life while all of these thoughts circle back into Kevin’s own life. He plays the conductor’s role in the musical journey of life’s crazy phenomenons. His lyrical...

La Leyenda Negra Spreads Awareness of Undocumented Youth Struggles

La Leyenda Negra is an ode to personal and societal awareness about the struggles that undocumented individuals face. We all have read or heard about ICE raids, or separation of families down at the border. As American citizens may show empathy for the victims, they may not fully understand what it’s like to live as an “illegal” immigrant.  In La Leyenda Negra, Aleteia is a senior at Compton High School who worries about her official status in the United States. Originally from El...

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