Robbie Moore

Robbie Moore is a Contributor at GritDaily News. A 27-year-old Lyme disease survivor, actor, entrepreneur, and web-influencer, Moore is passionate about educating readers on new avenues of curing illnesses such as Lyme disease through the technological advancements in western medicine.

How Lyme Disease Causes Suicidal Tendencies; What’s Your Miracle?

[Part 2] After a few years of continuing natural therapies with my PCP, I found myself getting better each day, with my doctor believing I was coming closer to remission. Nosediving Into the Abyss Yet, the tides began to change as I became accustomed to my newfound health. I took a massive nosedive back into what my doctor called the “infectious process.” Baffled by my condition, he had thrown everything into his arsenal, from Vitamin-C therapy to ultra-violet blood irradiation...

How Holistic Medicine Could Be the Start to Curing Lyme Disease and MSIDS

“Lyme disease”— I can remember laughing about it as a kid because it sounded so funny, but little did I know at that time, that I, in addition to my family, would soon experience and feel the very serious effects of its wrath. At 21 years old, I remember feeling tired and anxious, all the time. At the time, I thought nothing of it, as I believed these feelings to be normal for anyone my age, as most people around me were already prescribed and taking anxiety medication. The Day...

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