Randy Radic

Randy Radic is a contributing editor to Grit Daily. He hangs out in NorCal, where he smokes cigars, keeps snakes as pets, and writes about true crime, music, pop culture, tech, and business.

Who Is Betty Moon and Why Is She on The Grammy Ballot?

SoCal singer-songwriter and producer Betty Moon recently released her ninth album, entitled Hellucination, featuring two tracks – “Save My Soul” and “Crazy (What You Make Me)” – on the current ballot for Grammy nominations in the following categories: Best Pop Solo Performance, Song of the Year, Best Music Video, and Record of the Year. The fact that Moon is on the ballot is a good thing and well-deserved, because not only is she talented, but she works hard at her craft and always has. She...

A Killer’s Confession Redefines Alt-Metal on ‘The Indifference Of Good Men’

Alt-metal outfit A Killer’s Confession releases their new album, The Indifference Of Good Men, tomorrow, October 18. Fronted by Waylon Reavis, with The Indifference Of Good Men, the band has generated a prodigy. I first heard about Waylon Reavis in an interview he did with Chad Childers on Loudwire, back in 2017. It’s a terrific interview. Allow me to reproduce an excerpt from it. Loudwire: What made it the right time to move on from Mushroomhead and what were you looking for out of your new...

Poor Little Rich Girl, Mona Bush

This is the true story of a woman named Mona Bush. Encompassing one hundred acres it used to be a private estate in Bayville, Long Island.  The estate was called Oak Point.  Now part of the former estate is a municipal park, another part makes up the Bayville Cemetery.  In one section of the cemetery there are three graves, side by side as it were.  Actually, in this case, it is three urns of ashes, side by side.  Two husbands and one wife. The estate belonged to Harrison Charles Williams, who...

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