Patrick Seller

Patrick Seller is the Events Director at Grit Daily Live! Based in Chicago, he has an immersive portfolio and presence throughout the fashion and entertainment industry.

This ‘Humble’ Entrepreneur Looks at Life as a ‘Deck of Cards’…and You Should Too

The son to an absent father and a drug-addicted mother who passed away early on in his childhood only to be adopted at 10-years-old, Jason Humble has hustled his way through life and has become extremely successful and knowledgeable in his own realm. Humble, a self-made entrepreneur and CEO is the founder of multiple business ventures, but has focused on his two ventures, Humble Family Office and Humble Capital Consulting. But Humble’s story is less about the ventures and more on how he has...

CES 2020 Preview: Get Ready for 8K Media…But Didn’t We Just Jump Into 4K?

In our continuing CES 2020 Preview coverage, we turn our attention to the next item in our line of futuristic tech–8K media. But you’re probably wondering why we are already talking about 8K when it seems as if we’re still trying to migrate consumers into the 4K realm. Over time, we’ve witnessed the evolution and transition from Low-Res and SD all the way to 4K and 8K resolution Low-ResSD72010802K4K6K8K Our friends at Digital Trends did a baller piece on 8K Media ahead...

CES 2020 Preview: Home Security Needs to Turn Its Lenses Closer Towards Privacy

‘Tis the season for tech writers, innovators, and enthusiasts to gather in Sin City as the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is rapidly approaching. Last year’s CES brought over 6,300 members of the media and 79,000 senior-level executives from over 161 countries, regions, and territories. This year at CES 2020, we are beginning a new decade of upcoming, futuristic tech, beginning with home security. The underlying tenet of CES 2020’s presentation of the...

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