Monica Eaton-Cardone

Monica Eaton-Cardone is a Contributor at Grit Daily. An acclaimed entrepreneur, speaker and author, Monica Eaton-Cardone is widely recognized as a thought leader in the FinTech industry and a champion of women in technology. She established her entrepreneurial credentials upon selling her first business at the age of 19. When a subsequent eCommerce venture was plagued by revenue-leeching chargebacks and fraud, Eaton-Cardone rose to the challenge by developing a robust solution that combined human insight and agile technology. Today, her innovations are used by thousands of companies worldwide, cementing her reputation as one of the payment industry’s foremost experts in risk management, chargeback mitigation and fraud prevention. As CIO of Global Risk Technologies and COO of Chargebacks911, Eaton-Cardone leverages her global platform to educate merchants on best practices in fraud prevention and to spotlight the competitive and economic advantages women can bring to the technology workforce. Her nonprofit organization, Get Paid for Grades, invests in students to inspire a new generation of innovators. Get to know Eaton-Cardone at

Fraud in Food Delivery Market Poses Threat to Consumer Protection

Modern consumers are busy. There’s simply no time available to prepare a full meal every day. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to take advantage of having dinner delivered straight to your doorstep. Plenty of merchants in the food and beverage industry have their own branded apps, allowing consumers to not only order food but collect points and special discounts while doing it. Delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, make ordering dinner to your door a breeze. It’s no surprise...

The latest data isn’t pretty: Women are still underrepresented in the innovation economy

For generations, we’ve examined productivity and economic performance through a variety of metrics like hours worked, GDP, and others. However, those indicators aren’t so reliable anymore; they no longer give us the best picture of real productivity and conditions. We’re now in what some describe as an “innovation-based economy.” This new market calls for a different approach to how we think about success and performance. People began discussing the rise of the innovation economy around the...

What Brexit Means for US Retailers, and How Businesses Should Respond

It’s been nearly three years since the Brexit vote. Despite that, there’s still an incredible amount of confusion circulating around the issue. Brexit news often focuses on “big picture” concepts like how Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) will impact international trade and markets…if it ever happens at all. However, when we take such a broad view, it can be easy to overlook the day-to-day impacts of the matter. It’s even easier to ignore the cost Brexit is already exerting from...

JP Morgan’s Digital Currency Represents the Future of Banking

Back in February, JP Morgan became the first bank in the U.S. to successfully test a form of digital currency, the JPM Coin. The bank hopes to use the coin, backed by a blockchain system, to enable faster and safer transfers of money compared to more traditional ACH (automated clearinghouse) banking. As JP Morgan explains on their site, the JPM Coin is built on ‘blockchain-based technology enabling the instantaneous transfer of payments between institutional accounts.”’ But, while JPM’s...

Why Women Still Remain Highly Underrepresented In Tech Entrepreneurship

Representation of women in business has skyrocketed, especially within academia. For example, women are at near-parity in business school enrollment, representing 44.3% of all students in undergraduate programs, 40.5% of MBA programs, and 41.3% of doctoral programs. This suggests women are increasingly willing to take on risk and venture into entrepreneurship as a career. The data also bears out that women are just as capable of finding success in that arena as men, as women excel at college...

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