Michael Milburn

Michael Milburn is Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for DRUIDapp, Inc.  The DRUID® app calculates the level of impairment from cannabis or any other source in 2 minutes by measuring reaction time, decision making, hand-eye coordination, balance and time estimation.  He has just been awarded a substantial Small Business Research Grant from NIH for research on DRUID.  Dr. Milburn holds degrees from Stanford (AB) and Harvard (PhD), and he was Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts/Boston for 40 years, with a specialty in research methods, measurement and statistics.  His unique set of skills enabled him to develop the DRUID® impairment measurement app, now in the App Store and Google Play.

Should You Worry about a Fatal Cannabis Overdose?

The CDC webpage poses in its FAQ: “Is it possible to ‘overdose’ or have a ‘bad reaction’ to marijuana?” To answer, they say, “A fatal overdose is unlikely.” Of course, since there is not a single overdose death from cannabis in recorded history, they could have said that. Maybe that’s what they meant by “unlikely.” “Ah,” you say. “But, I just heard about a fatal marijuana overdose in Louisiana.” Some facts of the case How did the coroner in the case, Christy Montegut, decide that the cause of...

Would You Like Magic Mushrooms with That?

You most likely have heard about the vote — unprecedented anywhere in the United States — that decriminalized possession of psilocybin mushrooms in Denver. These are also called “magic mushrooms.” Psychedelic! So, what‘s this all about? Are Denver residents nuts? Is Denver adding drivers who are tripping on psilocybin, in addition to the cannabis-impaired drivers already there? What Denver Passed First, the vote did not legalize psilocybin. Initiative 301 decriminalized the...

If you’re worried about cannabis’ “Black Market” then you need to read this.

You’ve seen the headlines: “Massachusetts legal pot sales sparking illicit marijuana market” and “Black market pot sales booming in wake of legalization: Cops” and “Legal marijuana didn’t end black market elsewhere. What can Michigan learn?” One thing you can note about all these news stories: the evidence for the black market is anecdotal. There are, of course, multiple reasons for the success of illegal sellers. For example, there is a shortage of legal cannabis in Michigan. The slow...

Say What? The Problem with Per Se Laws for Cannabis-impaired Driving

Most people know about per se laws to test for alcohol-impaired driving. A blood alcohol of .08 or higher allows police to infer that you are impaired from alcohol. If you are driving and your blood alcohol level exceeds .08 level, then you are in trouble. For cannabis, you may also know that seven states like Washington and Colorado have per se laws that specify legal limits of THC in the blood, typically 5 ng/mL. The entire nation of Canada has the same per se limit, and even more U.S....

Cannabis Consumers Look to Protection from “Illegitimate” Drug Testing

Have you ever been drug tested at work? In order to provide protections for cannabis users at work who “fail” a drug test, cannabis activists in Oregon currently have identical bills under consideration in the Oregon House (House Bill 2655) and the Oregon Senate (Senate Bill 379). These are very important protections.  Allowing the termination of an employee when they are not impaired, simply because they used a legal substance on their own time, should be viewed as a fundamental violation of...

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