Margo Gabriel

Margo Gabriel is a staff writer at Grit Daily. She is a news reporter, photographer, event host, foodie, music lover, churro aficionado and all around life enthusiast that loves to capture simple moments in her travels. Margo sells her photography prints online and via her Instagram page. Margo lives in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from UMass Boston in 2009 with a B.A. in English and Professional Writing. When Margo is not writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling, live music, and hosting exciting events that bring communities together.

The Round dating app launches to evolve dating beyond the “Tinder swipe”

How many of us would admit we’ve ‘ghosted’ a few people in the past? Likely, few of us would share we’ve been on the receiving end of a potential suitor never calling you back. The dating landscape among millennials can often feel like you’ve opened a Pandora’s box of sorts—never really sure what you’ll get. A new dating app, The Round, sets users up on dates within a few minutes. Think speed dating, but with a focus on connecting with their match and...

Softwear Marries Sustainability with Leisure Wear

A new, New York-based leisurewear brand is angling to make waves in the sustainable clothing industry. Softwear, which makes leisurewear so soft — and we know because we got to touch it — is building a brand around high-quality clothing while protecting the environment. A Quest for Sustainable Clothing Sabrina Zohar, founder of Softwear, started the sustainable leisurewear brand after finding it a challenge to dress comfortably and maintain her sense of style while she pursued a...

Mike Butcher’s Europas Awards marks ten years of picking Europe’s “unicorn” startups

The Europas Awards is a ceremony in its tenth year celebrating the best startups in Europe. The award will be held in London. Other than that it’s held in London, why should you care? Europas is the “Nostradamus of Europe’s ‘unicorns,'” having spotted the continent’s biggest companies — including Spotify and Soundcloud — while they were still in their infancy. The Europas Awards is a European tech startup awards event — now in its tenth...

Outlier Podcast Festival Seeks to Inspire Influencers

This spring, Outlier Podcast Festival brings diverse digital influencers together under one roof to network and leverage social impact. Ever Gonzalez, founder and serial entrepreneur of OutlierHQ, started the media and events company to provide resources to help “entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses.” Gonzalez also hosts Outlier On Air – a weekly podcast that interviews so-called “Founders, Disrupters, and Mavens.” This serial entrepreneur has harnessed...

Olmo brands itself as a networking app without the gimmicks

Many professionals are eager to admit social media keeps them up-to-date on the latest news and for some it helps them maintain relationships personal and professional. But when it comes to social networking and advancing their professional careers, many are stuck in the same generic cycle typically seen on LinkedIn profiles where every user is a “proven team player.” How does one standout in a sea of profiles that after a while all resemble the same credentials? This is where Olmo comes in...

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