Madeleine Duprez

Madeleine Duprez is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is the founder of Scalar Agency, a digital marketing company that helps startups and SMB hold more customer conversations with the power of social media. She combines her marketing expertise with her technical background in engineering and passion for people. Madeleine is the host of The Smart Startup Podcast, in which she interviews successful startup founders to understand their secrets to running a great business. She also shares daily 60-90 sec marketing tips on Alexa, with the “Digital Marketing Now” flash briefing skill.

Cory Booker Uses Social Media to Announce His 2020 Election Candidacy

Donald Trump is famous for his tweets. He is the first President in history to utilize social media to the degree that he did in order to win an election. Many marketers and political experts speculate that this had an incredible impact on his global awareness and ultimately his victory in 2016. Many people have conflicting views of his usage of Twitter — as some people love it and others just wish that he would delete his account — but something that remains consistent across the...

Amazon Alexa Celebrity Beta-Test Leaks Before Super Bowl

Unlike many digital companies, Amazon still sees value in TV commercials. Not just any TV commercial though, but a spot on prime-time Super Bowl Sunday. And this Super Bowl, the company is releasing one of its biggest marketing campaigns yet. Amazon has already achieved more global brand awareness than most companies could ever dream of. The company has executed on incredible marketing campaigns to pilot technologies from eCommerce to voice first, and teasers for the new commercial show that...

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